Definitions for "Songs "
Songs is the second album by singer-songwriter Regina Spektor. The album was originally supposed to be an archiving, but Regina was urged to "put it out".
Songs is an album by American R&B/soul singer Luther Vandross, released by Epic Records in the United States on September 27 1994 (see 1994 in music). It produced the singles "Endless Love", "Always and Forever" and "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now".
Songs is a compilation of well-known songs by American singer/songwriter Rich Mullins, released on July 30, 1996 that were released from 1986 through 1995. It was the last album to be released by Mullins before his untimely death in a car accident on September 19, 1997. This would be the first of two "songs" albums, as a second one, Songs 2, was released in 1999.
Songs are usually elongated, complex strings of notes or phrases, often used by males in order to attract mates or defend nesting territories.
One original song was written for the doll games. Titled "Aina, Aina, will you marry me?" it was sung by Dan, in a comic turn as Aina’s luckless but persistent suitor, in what appears to have been Doll Games’ only musical. An original chant was featured in another doll game; delivered again by Dan, now in a military role, it went "I’m a soldier, I’m wounded, I’m returning from the war" Doll games also showcased popular songs of the day in "Singing Contest" games.
Loud sounds produced by a bird, often sung from an open perch, which serves to attract mates or scare away territorial intruders. Usually, we say that only songbirds produce songs. Often, however, similar sounds given by non-songbirds (and even other animals) often are called songs.
the complex pattern of low-frequency grunts, squeals, whistles, wails, and chirps such as those produced by male humpback whales.  The songs have predictable patterns, although, in the case of humpbacks, they change over time.
a critic- proof phenomenon, a moneymaking franchise around the world
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Songs is a graphical tool to record and mix audio files. It supports an infinite number of tracks, huge audio files, and various effects.
a state of the art production company that provides to record companies and individuals the facilities, and professional service of recording and mixing, through to the final stages of creating a master CD
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