Definitions for "Master"
A vessel having (so many) masts; -- used only in compounds; as, a two-master.
A title given by courtesy, now commonly pronounced mister, except when given to boys; -- sometimes written Mister, but usually abbreviated to Mr.
The commander of a merchant vessel; -- usually called captain. Also, a commissioned officer in the navy ranking next above ensign and below lieutenant; formerly, an officer on a man-of-war who had immediate charge, under the commander, of sailing the vessel.
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The employer of a servant.
The owner of a slave.
1. The main control over a number of other controls on a device. Most common example is on a mixer--each channel has a fader; there is also a master fader which controls the overall output of all the channel faders. The auxilliary sends function the same; each channel has an auxilliary control, but there's also a master auxilliary control. The master control is the final overall volume control on an output. 2. In MIDI, a device that controls another (slave).
The person to whom an apprentice is articled.
One who has attained great skill in the use or application of anything; as, a master of oratorical art.
To be skillful; to excel.
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A player becomes a master when he reaches an Elo rating of 2200, though he will lose this title if his rating drops below that point.
A general term for a strong player. FIDE awards GRANDMASTER, INTERNATIONAL MASTER and FIDE MASTER titles. Countries can also award National Master titles.
A title of respect to old farmers and retired labourers.
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This is the recodring VTR in an edit suite. To function as a master machine a VTR needs to be capable of insert editing.
Original audio or videotape recording or filmed production.
The tape resulting from editing. The finished program.
Metal disc containing information ready to stamp a replica of an optical disc
1) A control used to adjust the main output level of a mixing console. 2) The machine used to provide the clock signals or speed reference when synchronizing multiple devices to run together. 3) An original recording which will be used to make a production master for commercial duplication.
The exact replica (typically made from brass or aluminum) of a wood, iron or putter head from which all heads will be duplicated.
A person holding an office of authority among the Freemasons, esp. the presiding officer; also, a person holding a similar office in other civic societies.
An official of the Court of Queen's Bench who presides at default hearings. Like a judge, a master issues court orders.
A judicial officer appointed by the Superior Court to hear and decide divorce and other family law cases. Some masters work in the Family Court. Masters are full-time state employees.
The term "master" is perhaps the most precise word for the individual who stands as spiritual authority in the life of a disciple upon a sacred path. In the tradition of Christianity, Christ is Master (or Lord) and the Christian disciple accepts that authority as student and follower. In Christianity, Christ is "living Master" (resurrected but unseen), present in Spirit, but at the level of the heart.
a death and a life, a cross and a resurrection
a death on the one hand, resurrection on the other
A male teacher.
1. One having mastered a spiritual discipline and teaches or guides others. 2. (Theosophy) Hidden teachers who rule the spiritual evolution of Earth.
A teacher, whether male or female.
a full-featured application offering a complete imaging editing and image management environment to compliment Olympus digital cameras
an essential component of Olympus digital camera systems
an image editing and image management application for Olympus digital cameras
a mystic who has found that the right side of the mind is the way to convey the illogical, the mysterious, the unexplained and the unexplainable
a threshold, a door, an opening
a threshold -- hence he can convince you, he can use all logical argumentation, and yet his goal remains illogical
The Master is a supporting fictional character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He is a renegade Time Lord who is the greatest individual enemy of the Doctor. He is not to be confused with the Master of the Land of Fiction, who appeared in the Second Doctor serial, The Mind Robber.
The Master (real name Heinrich Joseph Nest, according to the shooting script for "Welcome to the Hellmouth") is a fictional character in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, played by Mark Metcalf. He also made two cameo appearances in the spin-off series Angel.
The Master is a fictional character who appeared in the 1966 movie . He was played by Tom Neyman. The Master was the undead leader of a cult that worshipped the god Manos.
To gain the command of, so as to understand or apply; to become an adept in; as, to master a science.
have a firm understanding or knowledge of; be on top of; "Do you control these data?"
a wise man but his understanding is so profound that you cannot understand it
Master is a set of scripts that in combination with mysql, work with Foundry Network switches and routers. It's autodiscovers all Foundry equipment using the Ospf routing protocol and collect information about the devices for use in scripts.
A male person having another living being so far subject to his will, that he can, in the main, control his or its actions; -- formerly used with much more extensive application than now.
The controller of a familiar spirit or other supernatural being.
The "head-end" computer in a SCADA system.
a multi-user, real-time HMI / SCADA solution for hydro and substation automation, communications monitoring, and plant control
' s (Comprehensive) Colleges and Universities I: These institutions offer a full range of baccalaureate programs and are committed to graduate education through the master' s degree. They award 40 or more master' s degrees annually in three or more disciplines. Includes Appalachian, East Carolina, Fayetteville State, NC A&T, NC Central, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Pembroke, UNC-Wilmington and Western Carolina.
someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution
a person holding an academic degree higher than a bachelor's but lower than a doctors
(1) Lower section of a die on which the part nests. Also called a master plug, adapter, boss, die post, horn, locator, and stool. (2) Section of die used to govern the form or contour of the mating die section. Usually male shape or inside metal. (3) Wood model or die aid.
The Master is the main antagonist and final boss in the original Fallout computer game. It is a hideous mutated creature composed of several other creatures and electronic parts, all apparently melted together. Apart from his appearance, one of his most notable features is his unique way of speaking.
A practitioner who has embodied a certain minimum threshold in the expansion of consciousness. An individual wholly and permanently identified with consciousness, the soul and right Intent/action. A spiritual administrator whose primary focus is the promulgation and manifestation of enlightenment.
Master: a title given to one who has mastered self on all levels (Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical); the Ascended Masters are called Masters because they mastered self; in doing so they raised their vibration and achieved their ascension
master: a verb meaning to gain control, discipline and mastery over a lesson, activity, one's thoughts, emotions, words, deeds, energy and/or any aspect of one's consciousness and life.
An original (as opposed to a copy) recording or the device that plays the original recording.
A term used to denote an original digital file, hard copy, or printing plate, which serves as the primary element from which all copies are made. See also DIGITAL FILE
An original from which copies can be made.
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A CMS role identified in MDS A system maintenance role. The person who administers the CMS system, managing configuration files and applying system patches
The person in control during S&M or B&D role-play.
When the man takes control in the SM role play.
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a man of experience
a man who creates a formula to reproduce something that He experienced in the inner world for others to experience inside them
a member of the Inn who has senior experience in and demonstrated commitment to the practice of environmental law in New Jersey
a combatant who is able to defeat rivals
have dominance or the power to defeat over; "Her pain completely mastered her"; "The methods can master the problems"
Sometimes the word "dominant" is used, but master usually has a "heavier" implication. While someone can be dominant in a scene, a master usually implies a relationship, sometimes a 24x7 relationship.
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prop n. Prof Barry Everitt
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a great death
Master is a death metal band formed in Chicago, USA in 1983 as the band Warcry fell apart. Shortly after however, the band was put on hold due to internal problem. Paul Speckmann then formed the band Death Strike, which in 1985 he renamed to Master.
A clone is produced from a master object using the clone_object [#A_kfun Kfun]. In some [#A_mudlib MUDLib], the master must be a Clonable and may not be an Inheritable.
The heir-apparent or heir presumptive to a Scottish peerage is known as a Master, or Mistress if the heir is female.
A full scale representation of the intended part, usually retained as a reference and the part from which production molds are made.
The metal disc used to stamp replicas of optical discs. The tape used to make additional recordings.
a compact disc that is cut and is used as a mold to produce more discs.
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a sledge-hammer
a constant shouting in your sleep, but he has to go on doing it whether you listen or not, whether it becomes unbearable, whether you feel jarred, shaken, on the edge of nerves or not
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MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator
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A sovereign, prince, or feudal noble; a chief, or one exercising similar authority.
a person who has general authority over others
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a door to the infinite, and the infinite has no adjective to it
(1) (adjective) the highest outstanding card of a suit;(2) (noun) an expert player.
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a fire you have to go through so that all that is not gold in you is burnt, and only the pure gold comes out
The default development branch. Whenever you create a git repository, a branch named "master" is created, and becomes the active branch. In most cases, this contains the local development, though that is purely conventional and not required.
The head of a household.
The male head of a school or college.
The Head of House at Trinity, who together with the Fellows, is responsible for the governance of the College. Despite the connotations of the title, the Master of Trinity can be either a man or a woman.
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Master numbers are double and triple digits that repeat the same number two or three times. For example some double master numbers are: 33, 44, 55. For example some triple master numbers are: 111, 222. These double and triple configurations in an individual chart add power points to the total of the person's chart. In addition this aspect bestows expert skills to the individual. These double and triple configurations in a compatibility chart means the couple adds more power points to the total of their chart, In addition the twosome would be closely linked and strongly bonded.
Is used to add drawings to a background.
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a crucifixion, a cross
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a truly magnificent sight in a gun battle
To own; to posses.
a visionary capable of materializing his own vision while currently expanding our own
The primary NetInfo server in a domain or subdomain. See NetInfo. The primary NIS server in a domain. See Network Information Service (NIS).
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get on top of; deal with successfully; "He overcame his shyness"
a Being who has completely surrendered and dedicated themselves to the sole purpose of serving Creation in every way possible and sometimes even previously impossible
a device where you learn how to surrender, where you learn the joys of surrender, where you learn the beauties of surrender
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A young gentleman; a lad, or small boy.
a man reborn, but (according to the task he must complete) he behaves like everybody else, and lives a normal exterior life
See brake master cylinder, master link.
a link, a bridge
In Access, the main form or report. The subform becomes the child form. In the subform's properties, the Link Master Fields property is a field from the main form that links to the subform's field mentioned in the Link Child Fields property.
Official appointed by a court to assist with its proceedings. Masters may take testimony, rule on pre-trial issues, compute interest, handle uncontested divorces, etc. Usually must present written report to court.
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The owner of a docile brute, -- especially a dog or horse.
a multi-dimensional phenomenon
a totally different phenomenon
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a mentor and someone to help you find your way around the boards, as well as a friend and automatic reader (in most cases)
a superior reader
a registered trademark of Square Enix Co
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a continuum of message
a unique opportunity to meet top executives from high level international sports federations, clubs, agencies, organising committees, etc
a unique Sports (and not solely football
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a Dom with property
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Synonymous with the word Guru. See " Vajra Master."
a manufacturer of High Quality Tools for Professional and Industrial use located in the industrial heartland of Spain
a freeware DNA sequence editor and analysis package
A type of shot that establishes a setting for where the scene will take place. The typical sequence from a master shot is the master of the room and all who are in it, a two shot of the people talking and then a close up of the one of the characters.
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a small window from which you can see the starry sky
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an inspiration
Traditionally referring to any one of current top-10 nationally (world) ranked players.
The highest rank in the normal system of apprenticeship that a person can achieve.
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a basic page layout that includes elements you would like to have appear on multiple pages
a sample page that includes some basic layout features that you want
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An athlete 40 years of age or older is designated a "master" in the U.S. Many other countries use the term "veteran."
A runner 40 years of age or older
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A strong player who has achieved a USCF rating of 2200 or higher.
a totally soul-infused personality
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an earthquake
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a catalytic agent, he is a presence
an agent that initiates a transaction (can be a read or a write)
Microchip s Annual Summer Technical Exchange Review
An alternative to drum for small volume copiers.
The one radio transceiver in a spread spectrum network that automatically provides synchronization information to one or more associated remote transceivers.
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key that secures entrance everywhere
The main signal in a device. It is what the final signal comes down to.
a finished, fully produced, professional recording that is ready to be manufactured and distributed to the general public through retail and radio. This is the final version of the recording.
The final negative-reversal positive or intermediate film from which subsequent prints are made.
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a mother, he is not a father
A master appears as a shape in a stencil that you use to create instances, or shapes, based on the master. A master can be made of a single shape, multiple shapes, or a group. Instances inherit many of their characteristics from the master.
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a person who creates trust in you that, "Yes, it is worth risking
association: A homeowners' association in a large condominium or planned unit development (PUD) project that is made up of representatives from associations covering specific areas within the project. In effect, it is a "second-level" association that handles matters affecting the entire development, while the "first-level" associations handle matters affecting their particular portions of the project.
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a gardener, he helps your seed to be dropped into the soil
an interesting and fairly easy to use application
The director of a number of persons performing a ceremony or sharing a feast.
a machine to which Firewall Modules direct Logging
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To reach a goal or meet an objective as measured by the "Evaluation Criteria and Procedures.''
a set of formatting characteristics, graphics, and text placement information that is consistent throughout the entire presentation
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a finger pointing to the moon
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a lighted lamp
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a totally different thing
The piece of equipment that supplies the transmission's timing signal.
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a normal man -- a regular
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an availability
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directs the work of other