Definitions for "Certification"
All copies of identification for account opening purposes must be certified by a suitable person such as a lawyer, senior civil servant, bank manager, member of the judiciary, accountant, British embassy official, notary public or a serving police officer. They must confirm that the copy document is "a true copy of the original" and then sign the copy document. The certifier should also clearly print their name, position and/or capacity as a certifier together with stamping the document with his/her business stamp.
1. Written attestation. 2. Authorized declaration verifying that an instrument is a true and correct copy of the original.
(of conformance) a document attesting that an implementation conforms.
The recognition by an outside organization of fulfillment of requirements to meet a professional standard.
Recognition by the regulatory agency that a person has demonstrated at least a minimum acceptable level of competence and is authorized to use or supervise the use of restricted-use pesticides in this area of certification.
Official recognition by a labor relations board that an employee organization is the exclusive representative for all the employees in an appropriate bargaining unit for the purpose of collective bargaining.
The formal evaluation of an organisation's processes by an independent and accredited body against a defined standard and the issuing of a certificate indicating conformance.
(ANSI) In computer systems, a technical evaluation, made as part of and in support of the accreditation process, that establishes the extent to which a particular computer system or network design and implementation meet a prespecified set of requirements.
1) Competition registered with and conducted in accordance with USBC rules. All certified bowling centers must have their lanes inspected by USBC annually to ensure they meet specifications. 2) The accreditation earned by USBC coaches upon completion of training courses.
an official indication that something has met specified standards It was agreed that the laboratory was capable of carrying out the certification of the products. certify (v), certified (adj)
There are many recognized gemological laboratories that grade color, clarity and cut of diamonds for a fee. The most well known are the GIA, AGS, EGL, HRD, and IGI.
There are many recognized gemological laboratories that can grade your diamond for a fee. Click here to find more information on certification.
Forest certification refers to the assessment of forest management by an independent third party auditor according to performance criteria for sustainable wood production.
The action of the Governor when he or she assures that the General Assembly's acceptance of the Governor's amendatory veto of a bill conforms to the Governor's specific recommendations for change. The bill becomes law if the Governor certifies the bill. The bill is returned to the General Assembly as a vetoed bill if the Governor does not certify the bill.
Procedure by which a third party gives a written insurance that a product, a process, a service or a company is in conformity with the specified requirements.
The process of granting permission to do business or to sell a particular product. A device states can use to enforce standards of conduct and quality on competitive suppliers, on pain of penalties including civil fines, suspension of certification, and revocation of certification to do business. Similar to licensure. Contrast registration, which requires providing information, including perhaps proof of financial and technical capability to the state, but does not provide for penalties or revocation of the right to do business upon violation of the norms of conduct.
Hazmat Certification, DG Certification, DG Certified, Hazmat Certified etc. all refer to the concept that someone, some entity is conferring approval on an individual or company that they are authorized to ship hazmat in commerce.—Unfortunately, there's a lot of confusion and misinformation in this area.—In the US, only the employer can certify employees. The DOT does not certify anyone; never has.
the official notification to the supporting department or agency, in accordance with the requirements of this policy, that a research project or activity involving human subjects has been reviewed and approved by an IRB.
A level of training that is verified by the appropriate professional organization. It is your proof that the practitioner has the required TECHNICAL training. It in no way certifies the personality or business practices of the practitioner or facility.
The U.S. Government calls upon a new optional Classification service offered by UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) to certify surge suppressor performance to their 1996 purchase specification (CID). A manufacturer should be willing to share their test results to this new testing, but may be unwilling if the test results are not favorable. This testing is referred to as UL 1449 Adjunct Classification, and will show the performance and endurance as certified by UL testing.
A determination by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc. that an eligible organization satisfactorily complies with all applicable patient management standards.
Also known as registration, this is required annually of every referee who wishes to officiate in affiliated matches. Certification requirements may vary depending on the grade of the referee.
An official notice, either on the transcript or on a certification form, provided by a community college verifying that a transfer student has completed courses satisfying all or a portion of CSU lower-division general education requirements. Certified courses refers to community college courses that the community college has certified and that the CSU has agreed to accept as fulfilling its lower-division general education or American institutions requirements.
Certification is the official authorization for use of services.
The process by which a juvenile can be charged as an adult by transferring prosecution of an offense from Juvenile Court to Criminal Court.
The legal procedure for determining whether a juvenile's case should be transferred from juvenile court for trial in the adult system.
A decision made by a judge to try a juvenile in adult court.
A determination by an insurer or its designated utilization review Organization that an admission, continued stay in a hospital, or other health care services has been reviewed and satisfies the health plan’s requirements for coverage. NCGS 58-50-61(a)(17)(c).
Healthcare providers who are board certified have been highly trained in their field. (Elyse, please list examples of some of the types of breast cancer doctors that are certified)
A determination by BCBSKC that an admission, availability of care, continued stay or other healthcare service has been reviewed and, based on the information provided, satisfies our requirements for medical necessity, appropriateness, healthcare setting and level of care and effectiveness.
The first of two steps (certification and qualification) involved in becoming a supplier of QPL or QML microcircuits. Certification is awarded after a vendor has shown that all government-specified methodologies are set up correctly.
Documented qualification of certain claims. NephroLogic is certified by TÜV for usability, functionality and security. The NephroLogic additionally is CE certified.
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This is the process of authorising a stock transfer form to be deposited and registered without the cover of a certificate. It can only be carried out by the registrar. Certification may be required if (i) One certificate is used to cover more than one trade. (ii) Stock recently purchased is being sold, yet the original certificate has not yet been received. (iii) A balancing certificate requested due to previous trade has not been received and that stock is now being sold.
Certification is the process by which an object of one type is converted in a type-safe manner to an object of a sub-type. For example, a component which has only reader and writer ports may be certified as a filter. We used to refer to Certification as blessing, but changed because of the religious connotations of "blessing".
The process by which the information displayed on a document is guaranteed by the Registrar to be true and accurate, as of the date and time it was certified.
A written declaration that a particular product or service complies with stated criteria. In specific use, it is necessary to include the scope and limitations of the certifications; usually it is provided by the manufacturer, producer or vendor.
A declaration in writing that a particular product or service complies with a specification or stated criterion.
The manufacturer's statement that the boat complies with applicable Coast Guard safety or manufacturing standards in effect on the date of manufacture.
A systematic program using randomly selected follow-up inspections of the certified systems installed under the program that allows the listing organization to verify that a fire alarm system complies with all the requirements of this code. A system installed under such a program is identified by the issuance of a certificate and is designated as a certificated system.
See Montana Certification Program.
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A statement by court or authorized party that the copy is true and correct copy and is still in full force and effect.
Certificate signed by the Chief Clerk, or Deputy Clerk, with the court's seal attached to a specific instrument indicating it to be a true copy of the original on file with the court.
A process by which the college, university, trade school or vocation school verifies that a student is enrolled on at least a half-time basis, is making satisfactory academic process and is therefore eligible for federal and private loans. Certification must be made prior to any disbursement of funds.
process by which a nominating authority signs a National Register form or continuation sheet to verify the accuracy of the documentation and to express his or her opinion on the eligibility of the property for National Register listing; also, the signature through which the authority nominates a property or requests a determination of eligibility; also, the process and signature by which the Keeper of the National Register acts on a request for listing, a determination of eligibility, or other action.
UT certifies students' eligibility for loan and sends certification to lenders, either electronically or on paper.
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Annual procedure the ABC employs to check the measurements and maintenance of the approach, foul line, gutters, lane and pit area.
When an educational institution certifies a loan, they notify and provide the lender with various pieces of information to complete the loan application including the student's enrollment status, expected graduation date, year in school, loan period, and cost of attendance.
Graduate Medical Education
A sworn document describing facts of a particular issue, similar to an affidavit. A certification is filed with a Notice of Motion or in reply to a Notice of Motion brought by your spouse.
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see Waiver
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In relation to a study, the determination of its analytical soundness and sufficiency to answer the decision maker's issues.
the process of having a coin authenticated, graded and encapsulated
See Authentication above.
A written engineering or geologic opinion concerning the progress and completion of related work.
Written statement of the correctness and reliability of something; written permission to do something.
See: Alternative Routes to Certification Residency Certificate National Board Certification Professional Certificate
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Open Investigations
Endorsement of information by a trusted entity.
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The act of certifying.
The act of showing evidence of ownership or debt.
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See Pre-Certification.
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See " Licensing"