Definitions for "Emerald"
Keywords:  beryl, jardin, precious, gem, flaws
A precious stone of a rich green color, a variety of beryl. See Beryl.
Of a rich green color, like that of the emerald.
It is the green colored beryl and among gemstone it is one of the most valuable one. It is the birthstone for the month of May.
used on Ortho to signify a betrothal
To dream of an emerald, you will inherit property concerning which there will be some trouble with others. For a lover to see an emerald or emeralds on the person of his affianced, warns him that he is about to be discarded for some wealthier suitor. To dream that you buy an emerald, signifies unfortunate dealings.
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Emerald is a manga created by Hiroaki Samura of Blade Of The Immortal fame. It was a One Shot manga that ran in Afternoon a manga magazine from Japan.
Emerald Window Decorator (formerly known as cgwd, which stands for Compiz Generic Window Decorator), is a window decorator for the Compiz compositing window manager/compositing manager written by Quinnstorm.
Emerald is a Tcl based modular Content Management System, designed to be highly configurable and customizable rather than easy and quick to setup.
A kind of type, in size between minion and nonpare?l. It is used by English printers.
Name of a contracting company hired to maintain the physical plant of the Chiniak facility. This contractor was the longest surviving company to work at Chiniak.
one world status level awarded to all EXP members and comes with benefits when travelling on one world airlines. See the one world web site for further details.
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An emerald set in gold helps its owner see into the future. Alone, it strengthens the memory and prevents possession by evil spirits.
A Distributor who has personally sponsored three distributors who have reached the direct level.