Definitions for "Moonstone"
A nearly pellucid variety of feldspar, showing pearly or opaline reflections from within. It is used as a gem. The best specimens come from Ceylon.
the semi circular stone step before a shrine (also chandrasila)
translucent milky stone with a little iridescence (catches the light much like Tiger's Eye). Can be found in several colors, most common are whitish-clear, various shades of grey, and light peach.
Moonstone (real name Dr. Karla Sofen) is a fictional character, both a supervillain and superheroine in Marvel Comics' Marvel Universe.
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The crystal master gains an insight bonus of +1 to her Armor Class and on all saving throws. This increases by +1 per embedded gem. This ability is active as long as the crystal master maintains psionic focus.
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If a woman in love places a moonstone in her mouth during the full moon, she can see what the future holds for her and her beloved.
"Moonstone" is an episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 9 March, 1964, during the first season.