Definitions for "OPAL "
A mineral consisting, like quartz, of silica, but inferior to quartz in hardness and specific gravity.
Opal is comprised mostly of tightly packed silica (sand) and water. The silica refracts light and creates the rainbow of colors for which opal is known. The wider and more brilliant the range of color in an opal, the more valuable it is. Most high-quality opals found today come from Australia. Opal is the birthstone for October.
anhydrous silicon dioxide. Comes in many colors but precious varieties have play-of-fire regardless of base color. The play-of-color is caused by a small percentage of trapped water. Light is diffused much like in a rainbow. Some of the world's best comes from northwest Nevada.
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OPAL has two main goals: to provide a high-level physics interface, and to provide an abstract interface that is independent of the underlying physics engines. Although some similar libraries focus mainly on the second goal, OPAL is more focused on the high-level physics interface.
An open abstraction layer for realtime graphics applications. This project is a highly optimised cross platform kernel for games. One Opal HAL shall exist for each target CPU. The C++ sources are ANSI compliant and should compile without chan
The Open Physics Abstraction Layer (OPAL) is an open source realtime physics engine API similar to PAL. It was originally supported only ODE, but should be extendable to run off of multiple engines. OPAL is free software, released under both the LGPL and the BSD license.
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opalescent paintwork (a.k.a. pearlescent)
Open Pool Australian Light Water (nuclear) reactor in Sydney (Lucas Heights)
A white, translucent glass that diffuses and softens light.
Opal were an American alternative/psychedelic band in the 1980s. They were part of the Paisley Underground musical style.
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Wipe after use with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth. Never wash or scrub your opals
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Any glass into which a material has been introduced at the raw materials stage, which causes a degree of crystallization to occur, creating opacity in the glass. The degree of opacity is variable, depending upon composition and temperatures used in the manufacturing process.
The crystal master gains the ability of divination as the power. She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to the number of embedded gems. (Level restriction: 4th.)
A group of independent colleges that have shared presence in Central through their shared OPAL online catalog, which is administered by OHIONET. OPAL libraries.
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see Opaline.