Definitions for "Crystal"
The material of quartz, in crystallization transparent or nearly so, and either colorless or slightly tinged with gray, or the like; -- called also rock crystal. Ornamental vessels are made of it. Cf. Smoky quartz, Pebble; also Brazilian pebble, under Brazilian.
A species of glass, more perfect in its composition and manufacture than common glass, and often cut into ornamental forms. See Flint glass.
The glass over the dial of a watch case.
Crystal is an interpreted language used for a variety of purposes. It has advanced mathematics, arrays and modules .
The regular form which a substance tends to assume in solidifying, through the inherent power of cohesive attraction. It is bounded by plane surfaces, symmetrically arranged, and each species of crystal has fixed axial ratios. See Crystallization.
A structure with a geometric form that reflects the geometric ordering of the atoms or molecules comprising it. Examples are salt, sugar, and snowflakes.
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Code-name for a half VGA reference design for Symbian OS.
Codename for Symbian's half-VGA screen size, keyboard-based UI variant.
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Representing the earth element, crystals are suitable for the southwest and northwest sectors. They are considered to bring luck to education, romance and social interaction. Hang an amethyst hanging crystal above the front door, in the inside, to deter thieves from your premises.
The natural form and shape a gems grows into while forming in the ground.
Currency used in Mirea. A unit of crystal (called "crystal") is represented by one gem of necessarily purple amethyst roughtly the size of the last bone of a Mirean's thumb.
"Crystal" was the first single to be released from the 2001 New Order album Get Ready, which entered the UK charts at number 8.
Crystal was the third album by Crystal Gayle, and rose to the #7 spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart. It contained four charting singles, including two #1 hits: "You Never Miss a Real Good Thing (Till He Says Goodbye)" and "Ready for the Times to Get Better." Another single, "I'll Do It All Over Again," just barely missed being the third chart-topper, stalling out at #2, while "One More Time (Karneval)" could only rise to #31.
Component that sets the frequency of the radio transmission
a conventional and inexpensive way of supplying a microprocessor reference frequency
an electronic component which can be activated only by a specific radio frequency
a steady helpmate and compassinate friend on your spiritual walk
a wonderful friend, helper etc
Crystal is a fictional character, a superhero in Marvel Comics' universe. She is a member of the Inhumans and a younger sister of Medusa.
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a looted item and can be obtained most commonly from Mission NPC's in Dantooine such as Janta's
Traditional Crystal Chandeliers Antique Reproduction Crystal Chandeliers Crystal Pendants Crystal Sconces Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights
Crystal is a character from Pokémon Adventures and the protagonist of the game Pokémon Crystal. She first appears in volume 10.
The primary substance used in Mithria. Metal is extremely scarce, so much so that even weapons and armor are made of different types of crystal. It is also used for currency, where the color denotes its value.
Crystal malt has been lightly roasted. The more roasted, the darker the crystal. They typical range is from 10 L (light) to 80 L (dark) on the Lovibond scale.
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a vibratory object
crystal line piece of a semiconductor used in a wireless set on account of its properties of electrical conduction. Materials used include germanium, silicon, or galena.
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Crystal is a freeware software synthesizer, running on Windows, Mac and Linux in the VST environment.
This refers to the clear cover over the watchcase. Deployment Buckle: A type of buckle that pops open and fastens using hinged extenders. A deployment buckle is easier to put on and remove and is more comfortable on the wrist.
A clear crystal with no other colors reflected in light.
Borderless, sometimes vegetal, banded design goes across horizontally, initiated by JB Moore at Crystal Trading Post
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Crystallinity Custom Molder Delivery
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One of the reporting tools used by the OMNI system. Crystal is shorthand for "Crystal Reports".
Optimara super miniature variety. See Little Crystal.
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A flow in the grain of a diamond.
a type of inclusion found in some diamonds
A diamond is a large single crystal of carbon.
Crystal contains a minimum of 10% lead oxide giving it an extraordinary character of brilliance.
describes a lamination material finish. A crystal finish has a granular sand-like texture.
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a special kind of rock
A pet rock with an attitude.
Three meteorological stations in northern Canada.
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a gift from the Creator to light beings that live on the planet earth
a chemical compound with a definite chemical formula and a distinct molecular structure
Within the hierarchy of the SHARP input file: an actual, physical crystal
Crystal in mathematics has more than one abstract meaning
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a kind of battery in which energy can be stored
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a special form of matter
a crystalline element used as a component in various electronic devices