Definitions for "Stations"
the places of safety and temporary refuge where slaves hid along the escape route. Safe-houses. They could be churches, barns, or houses. Station names were referred to in code, such as: Pennsylvania - #10 Ohio - #20 Cleveland – Hope Sandusky – Sunrise Detroit – Midnight
(Roman Catholic Church) a devotion consisting of 14 prayers before the 14 stations of the cross (referring to Jesus' suffering and crucifixion)
Areas in a classroom set up with learning experiences that are steps in a progression of learning an area of content or a skill. Beginning and ending points for students can vary for differentiation.
the term used to describe how far the baby has dropped. A “-3 station” means that the baby’s head is not yet in the pelvis. “0 station” means that the head has entered the maternal pelvis and is at the level of the ischial spines. This is also called “fully engaged.” When the head is beginning to emerge from the birth canal, the term “+3 station” is used. +3 occurs during delivery and is also called crowning.
Living areas established by governments for Aboriginal people on which managers and matrons controlled (and 'cared for') Indigenous people.
Separate portions of a dryland or weight circuit.
Another word for a telephone.
The ports or the telephone instruments.
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Sections of labor within a pool.
Points along a line (usually a survey line) of equal distance designated either in feet or meters. Points at multiples of 100 meters or feet are typically called full stations.
Stations refer to the number of individuals a room is designed to accommodate.
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(as in bases and other installations) See "bases."