Definitions for "established"
brought about or set up or accepted; especially long and widely accepted; as, distrust of established authority; a team established as a member of a major league; enjoyed his prestige as an established writer; an established precedent; the established Church. Contrasted with unestablished.
conforming with accepted standards.
Brought into service, placed in position.
securely established; as, an established reputation.
securely established; "an established reputation"; "holds a firm position as the country's leading poet"
settled securely and unconditionally.
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BGP neighbor state that represents a fully functional BGP peering session.
introduced from another region and persisting without cultivation; -- of plants.
The point at which a newly planted tree, shrub, or flower is growing at a healthy rate, with good color, expected flower and fruit production for its age, and tolerance for its environment. This is an indication that the roots have recovered from transplant shock and have grown sufficiently to support continued growth.
The average length of residency within a postcode is over 6 years.
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shown to be valid beyond a reasonable doubt; as, the established facts in the case.
(1) (of a suit) consisting of winning cards;(2) (of a revoke) no longer correctable.
This includes sites in the local plan, sites with planning consent, the remaining capacity for sites under construction and where appropriate other buildings and land with agreed potential for housing development.