Definitions for "NBA"
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Narmada Bachao Aandolan
Narmada Bachao Andolan
National Bibliographic Agency
Nepal Bar Asociation
National Beef Association
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Number Born Alive. The number of live pigs farrowed in a litter, adjusted for parity of the sow. Daughters of sires with positive (+) EPD for NBA will farrow larger litters than average EPD females. For nonparent animals, EPDs for NBA are estimated as parental averages.
Abbreviation for ational asketball ssociation.
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n-butyl alcohol
Code designating rape "punishers" in the cult.
Short for New Book Announcement, NBA's are the tool most widely used by our sales and marketing teams, when promoting your book. They carry all the essential information about your book.
see Net Book Agreement.
a professional league created in 1949 that now has 27 teams in the U.S. and is adding 2 Canadian teams in 1995.
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Network Behavior Analysis