Definitions for "international"
The International; an abbreviated from of the title of the International Workingmen's Association, the name of an association, formed in London in 1864, which has for object the promotion of the interests of the industrial classes of all nations.
an association that operates programs outside the country where the association is headquartered. (By the United National definition, an international organization has operations in at least three countries and receives substantial funding from at least three countries.) See international vs. global comparison.
a Distributor and Importer of Raw Materials for the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries
any of several international socialist organizations
a broad based voluntary, Non Governmental organisation
a charity organization entirely run by dedicated volunteers, heralding from all sections of the community, working together to Serve to Humanity
a dynamic and growing organisation which provides project management , consulting and training services to the
a leading provider of economic and financial expertise and management consulting services
a management consultancy focused entirely on marketing and sales channels
a collaboration of the City of Daytona Beach, Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co
a premier residential community in Daytona Beach, Fla
a provider of software solutions for Collaborative Commerce - that seamlessly link business processes of suppliers, partners and customers
a community of manufacturing end-users, system integrators, hardware and software suppliers and consultants, all focused on improving the health and agility of the manufacturing production system
a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of Grey Iron Castings
a diverse company servicing all facets of the Pump Industry with a comprehensive range of quality products from Australian and overseas manufacturers
a fellowship of churches and Pastors committed to Biblical Ministry
a member driven, grassroots organization committed to the development of nursing diagnostic terminology
an organization committed to developing and supporting designers working in television, video and multimedia production
Of or concerning the association called the International.
A member of the International Association.
a classified service organizaton and membership is by invitation
Involving more than one country.
Between or among nations; pertaining to the intercourse of nations; participated in by two or more nations; common to, or affecting, two or more nations.
Independent of national boundaries; common to all people; as, the atmosphere is an international resource; the international community of scholars.
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a division of CSA Group, which also includes CSA, a developer of standards and codes, and QMI, a leading North American management systems registrar
a leading advocate of eliminating this known carcinogen from the workplace"
a leading manufacturer of personal fall protection equipment
a general trading company based in Dubai with two regional offices one in Islamabad - Pakistan and representation in Zurich, Switzerland
a Japan car dealer company, selling and exporting used cars from Japan to all over the world
a licensed car dealer and exports all kinds of pre-owned vehicles at best price
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a tradinghouse
SouthAsiaBiz IndianRaj* PanAsianBiz* RisingSunofNihon* ZhongHuaRising
a luxurious business class hotel with majestic colorful architecture design
a software solution provider whereas Gateway has vast experience in providing software solution in the tourism and hotelling industries in Cambodia
a specialist in modeling solutions for performance optimisation and enterprise architecture
an ativan of antidepressant that holds one adderall of claritin d for every ventricle on the methadone
These are calls originating in one country and terminating in another. From the United States the begin with 011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number. If this category is a major portion of your telephone bill, you need to shop wisely.
a constituent society of the ICCP
a group of labour organisations from different countries that have joined together to fight for a better society
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a UK based virtual estate agent specialising in offering information and property for sale on the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain
a Professional agency who only accepts the best qualified caregivers
a professional organization of financial executives, analysts, professors, and students who live and work around the world
a professional trade organization, comprised of aerial photographers throughout the world
INTERVIEW: principal names are added to the subject field.
Geomagnetic Reference Field: [IGRF] An approximation of the smooth magnetic field of the earth, in the absence of variations due to local geology. Once the IGRF is subtracted from the measured magnetic total field data, any remaining variations are assumed to be due to local geology. The IGRF also predicts the slow changes of the field up to five years in the future.
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a Sprint course and trails facility in San Lorenzo, CA (just south of Oakland)
a wholesale distributor offering products and services to businesses with no minimum order requirements
a wholesaler of African print fabrics
a wholesaler, you will need to offer proof that you are a business
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a fully registered, FNAIM real estate agency based in Nice and Cannes
a part of worldwide recognized Group BUPA
a recognized validation of the philosophies and diligence that we have observed since our beginning in January of this year
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a boutique retained executive search firm with offices in New York and London
a European Research company based in South West London
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a scam that should never have been allowed to go public and use its Beltway contracts to pump and dump its shares
a full service agency
a service project of
a Singapore based medical assistance company offering services around the globe ranging from medical evacuation services to staffing of remote site clinics
a separate entity from BOMA Pittsburgh, so if you want to opt out of email communications with them it must be done separately in accordance with their specific instructions
an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer (EEO/AAE)
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a holding group based in Greven, Ger
an accredited year-round distance education program that brings technology home to students
a world-wide accredited year-round distance education program
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a short drive from Orlando
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a particular truer reflection of who we are
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a doula referral and information site
a registered trademark of KONAMI CORPORATION
a founding member of InterAction and is included on each press list they submit for disasters they are responding to
a member, weighed in on issues concerning the long-term availability and affordability of insurance for terrorism risk
a double degree partnership with the University of Leicester
a network of merger and acquisition intermediaries and advisors
a key sponsor and space is limited
a sponsor and the official card of Christmas in the Tropics
a school without walls
a year-round home school/correspondence program serving the needs of military families throughout Korea
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a pioneer in the Middle East I
a non-government agency that prepares standards and certifies products such as electrical fixtures
a provider of product testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a variety of other products
a trader of wooden doors, wooden based home products
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a news editor for
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All travel other than travel within the United States and/or between the US and Canada is considered International.
This is the style of dance that is considered to be the standard dance found all over the world.
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a good place to start