Definitions for "International Development Association"
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A multi-government owned organization of the World Bank group to which industrialised countries assign funds to be lent to developing countries on more liberal terms than ordinary development loans. The IDA provides soft loans, i.e. loans which bear no interest and with long repayment periods. Français: Association Internationale de Développement Español: Asociación Internacional de Fomento
One of the five institutions that comprise the World Bank Group, IDA provides interest free loans and other services to the poorest countries.
( IDA) The IDA offers assistance to the poorest countries, providing them with interest free loans, technical assistance and policy advice. The IDA is funded by wealthier nations and accounts for around 25 percent of all World Bank lending. IDA lends only to those countries that have a per capita income of less than $885 (1999 figures) and lack the financial ability to borrow from World Bank. At present, 78 countries are eligible to borrow from IDA.
International diversification International Finance Corporation (IFC)