Definitions for "Annex II"
24 original OECD members plus the EU. The countries listed in this Annex to the convention have a special obligation to help developing countries with financial and technological resources.
List established under the UNFCCC of industrialised countries, excluding economies in transition, that are to provide new and additional resources to help developing countries meet existing commitments under the UNFCCC.
Annex II to the UNFCCC lists the original 24 OECD member countries and the European Community. These industrialized countries have additional financial obligations under the Convention.
A continuation of registration eligibility for plant protection products per European Union (EU) Registration Directive 91/414/EEC; Annex II data relate to the active substance and not a specific product. For inclusion on Annex II the approval holder must demonstrate ownership of, or access to, all necessary data in order for the approval to continue. Approvals will be amended to implement any restrictions associated with the Annex 1 inclusion. These processes would also be applied to multi-active products.