Definitions for "Annex"
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The UCSD Library storage facility for library material near the campus.  Circulating stored materials may be requested using ‘Request' on Roger or CDL.
UCD Campus storage location for low use library materials; currently primarily houses Physical Sciences & Engineering Library material.
Off-campus storage facility for low use materials from UCSD libraries' collections.
to incorporate (a country or other territory) within the domain of a state
take illegally, as of territory; "The Israelis are annexing more and more territory on the West Bank"
take (territory) by conquest; "Hitler annexed Lithuania"
Keywords:  append, affix, subjoin, join, thing
To join or attach; usually to subjoin; to affix; to append; -- followed by to.
To join or add, as a smaller thing to a greater.
To join; to be united.
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To attach or connect, as a consequence, condition, etc.; as, to annex a penalty to a prohibition, or punishment to guilt.
An expansion or supplementary structure of a building.
Building attached to SRC; home of CNTech E-beam, SEM, AFM, etc.
TM Bay Networks servers for connecting such asynchronous devices as terminals, printers, and modems to multiprotocol Ethernet LANs.
an addition to an established structure or document. In regards to MARPOL, the annexes are sections containing specific provisions of the law.
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a reduced complexity version of the G
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Take possession, control of.