Definitions for "typical example"
Keywords:  troop, komarovsky, aqsa, najeh, lara
a recent attack by a regular columnist in the Adelaide Newscorp paper The Sunday Mail, Peter Goers, who repeated Weir's slurs on British troops at Gallipoli
a recent interview in the Palestinian Authority controlled magazine Al-Awda with Najeh Afana, president of the Al-Aqsa Heritage Committee
a recent promotional effort, a bumper sticker
a contract concluded in a foreign country or a tortuous act committed in a foreign country
a country called ANGOLA, a country in Africa that has been battered by war
a GIS developed for a more global community such a corporation, state/province, country, or even an alliance of countries in a region
Keywords:  djed, pilar, ankh, horus, pendant
a pendant, composed of a djed pilar inside an ankh, our already familiar Horus connecting the pillar with the loop of the ankh
a building model
a model with left censoring at zero
a multitubular reactor, where gPROMS is used to model the detailed catalytic reaction system, and the CFD package the fluid flows on the shell side
a book that I saw at the library here in Belleview a while back called " Mommy Laid an Egg"
a company employee or university student badge, which, in addition to enabling access to databases or the library, can be equipped with an electronic purse for making payments in the cafeteria, all on one chip
a flow-wrap machine for confectionery
an aluminium part made on a CNC machine that was hand deburred before being gold plated
an ubiquitous service that provides text-to-speech translation of the pages navigated by the user, regardless of the location and configuration of the local machine (i
an edging of pink Petunias or Impatiens with a groundwork of blood red Geraniums
Keywords:  larson, gary, cartoon
a cartoon by Gary Larson
Keywords:  trigs, vacationer, exp, asks, randomly
an e-mail asking your to confirm your account information at a specific bank
a question which asks the student to compute a symbolic integral of a randomly chosen product of trigs and exp, then verifies whether their answer is correct through differentiation
a vacationer who doesn't buy art but chooses to shoot it instead, then asks my photo enlargement business to enlarge it
a configuration where a single inductor based product would be driving two strings of five WLEDs for main display backlight and a powerful single WLED for a sub panel application
a Crossmember rear floor lower panel
Keywords:  lgm, stashed, balcony, indeed, maybe
a pizza joint called "Space Pizza" (and indeed its logo is an LGM delivering a pizza), mostly take-out with maybe a half-dozen tables stashed on a balcony
a table view that shows a small subset of a large table model
a table where http-addresses are used as primary key
Keywords:  backlit, portrait
a backlit portrait
Keywords:  enum, autodesk, revit, week, legacy
an enum for days of the week
a recent project that would have taken three weeks using legacy software, but that took just three days to complete with Autodesk Revit Structure
a runner who has run several miles three times a week without any problem
Keywords:  grocer, stack, implements, lazy, apples
a function implemented in an application but called from a shared library
a grocer trying to stack apples in his store or pack them in a box
a method that implements an entity association by lazy-loading the associated entities from database
a density current
a split-power pumpdrive which offers ultimate performance-density and improved operating life due to the quality and technogical excellence of the PIV drives employed
a project to provide a dormitory for orphans in Obuasi, Ghana
a project which was to produce some software
a known bias between a postdevelop measurement and a postetch measurement, where the postdevelop measurement can be controlled to a nonzero error in order to compensate for the known etch-process bias
Keywords:  floppy, fastloader, disk, boot, sector
a fastloader for floppy disks, which came with more or less all of the larger games
a utility that formats a floppy disk, complete with Stoned virus installed on the boot sector
a video server that retrieves video data from a hard disk
a nighttime flash shot of some distant object
a shot that starts out with Judith Anderson alone
a slightly imbalanced pump impeller
a subsea pump for water injection or for
a "miraculous" cure for cancer, where our skepticism comes from the dubious manner in which such cures are announced, "proved" and promoted, and not because we have a well-defined "theory of cancer" that rules out such cures
a stay of execution, where any judicial remedy, even an emergency hearing, would come too late
a narcissist who changes numerous workplaces, a few careers, a myriad of hobbies, value systems, faiths, what not
a forestry project, which will absorb carbon dioxide, and thereby reduce the planet's load
an 'open' object-oriented application which consists of a pre-compiled 'kernel' and a set of user-written 'class libraries' which are loaded and used by the kernel
a theater or cinema most systems are sized for the peak cooling load and maximum air changes based on the capacity or occupancy, if only two people come to the matinee , energy is wasted as the air changes are based on a full house
a community-based management committee at a neighbourhood centre
a straight horizon placed close to the edge of the frame that appears to bow outward from the centre of the lens (barrel distortion), or alternatively it bows inwards towards the centre of the lens (pincushion distortion)
a modern battery powered variable speed cordless drill
a plastic handle molded over a metal screwdriver shaft
a plastic sleeve molded over a metal drill housing
Keywords:  tac, tic, showdown, applet, game
a distributed tic-tac-toe game
a high-low split game in which you must declare before showdown whether you are claiming the high, low, or both pots
an applet that performs timed animation, such as a movie player or a game
a family-owned business or one in which all of the stock is owned by several people
a family perpetual trust or family self-settled discretionary spendthrift trust which serves as a dispositive plan for the family after both spouses have died
a Revere Street couple, both lawyers, who own a single-family house and have one young child
a "feedback" page, on which a customer fills out various fields and clicks "submit" rather than sending an e-mail
a field that is not applicable if some other field has a certain value
an irrigator who turns into the individual furrows traversing the irrigator's field from the head ditch more water than can seep into the ground
Keywords:  radionics, device
a radionics device
a script in which am is called repeatedly to iterate over one or more substitution parameters in a configuration file
a substitution box (or S box) that is used in Feistel type ciphers such as the Data Encryption Standard (DES) An S box can be described using a
a general-purpose output procedure that takes an arbitrary sequence of values, of arbitrary types, and prints them
an editable text field, where the user can insert a string of arbitrary length
Keywords:  genre, ebay, amazon, favorite, whenever
a company like eBay or Amazon that could send you updates on your favorite genre, author, or search term whenever a new product or specially priced item in that category is available
a site like Amazon, which lets you browse books by genre, or by title, and also lets you search by keyword
Keywords:  backslash, line
a backslash on a line by itself
Keywords:  cruiser, reference
a reference to the cruiser U
a combination fire and burglar alarm system
a sensor of an alarm system detecting the breaking of the window of a building
Keywords:  lsrs, sonet, optic, meshed, synchronous
an optical meshed network where adjacent optical cross-connects (LSRs) are connected by several hundreds of parallel wavelengths
a SONET Synchronous Optical Network that is set up as a pair of fiber optic rings within the business district of a city
an automated menu- driven service using DTMF sequences
a standalone console application or Windows Forms application that starts up an Office application and then automates it to perform some task
Keywords:  fbi, stolen, fallen, log, crime
a stolen license plate - a crime that should be reported to the FBI - logged as missing property because, he said, 'it could have fallen off the car
a web server log which maintains a history of page requests
Keywords:  joe, harry, skip, highway, scope
a resident who needs to place a skip on the highway because there is no scope to place it within the private property
a shared class (like String) where Joe needs to change one method and Harry needs to change another
a work of art that is reattributed to a different artist in the light of new research or a more technologically sophisticated analytical technique
a domain registry (like Verisign) that limits the number of available active socket connections for registrars (like BulkRegister)
a function hall that must be closed on Shabbat to maintain a kashruth certificate
Keywords:  npcs, dungeon, crawl, hunt, ignores
a player who ignores/does not RP with other players when they pass him just to dungeon crawl or/and hunt NPCs
Keywords:  boas, concocted, creations, study, one
a "study" concocted by one of Boas's creations, Dr
Keywords:  robbery, involving
a robbery involving more
a Housekeeper, a Janitor, Fast Food Counter worker, and the like
an article in The Australian, reprinted from The Telegraph
a company where they are used to hold the residue of any profit after all the dividends have been paid
a large oil refinery where the stream flow rates are very large, and a small improvement per unit of product is multiplied by a very large number to obtain a significant increase in profit for the refinery
a pharmacy that sells out the back door for high mark-up profit
Keywords:  cutout, tube
a cutout on a tube
Keywords:  mtom, attempt, syn, scan, tcp
a MtoM attempt on another Th
a system that watches for large number of TCP connection requests (SYN) to many different ports on a target machine, thus discovering if someone is attempting a TCP port scan
a boy who wears a headphone and drives alongside traffic, instead of the bicycle lane
a web forum which displays sometimes the text "Too many users online, please try again later" instead of the topics
an inkjet printhead which comprises four print modules, one for each of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black
a new hire request, which can trigger a series of events such as a new email account, new workstation, training etc
a printer attached to a workstation
Keywords:  toc, zoom, adjacent, frame, resolution
a low resolution image in one frame which activates high resolution zoom images in an adjacent frame
a table of contents (TOC) in one frame which selects what is displayed in the adjacent frame
an appliance like file server on which no local accounts are configured and winbind is used to obtain account credentials from the domain controllers for the domain
Keywords:  disco, club
a club or disco
a system that recommends items to purchase based on individuals with a similar purchase history
a veterinary tendency to recommend lowered stocking rates to reduce the incidence of nutritionally related diseases
a comment pointing out a spelling problem
a word processor, composed of separate text editor, spell checkers, grammar checker etc
an office, which consists of a desk, a computer, a chair, and bookshelves
a remote office with twenty terminals, each of which is connected to the main office by a telephone line
an industrial plant that produces a dangerous substance as an unsalable byproduct from its production process
Keywords:  enquiry, paris, trip, london, enters
a trip from a location in London to a location in Paris which the customer enters as an enquiry
a full stop, space and/or hyphen in a telephone number figure string or in a chapter numbering system
an ellipse derived from a closed figure
Keywords:  bumpy, jagged, coast, draw, map
a coast line which looks jagged and bumpy no matter what scale you draw the map at
a multiprocessor cache coherence protocol
Keywords:  math, trouble, pace, suddenly, peers
a child who had been keeping pace with her peers on simple math problems, but who suddenly has trouble learning a new skill like multiplication
Keywords:  aba, fall, bankers, congress, sharp
a letter the American Bankers Association (ABA) sent Congress this fall opposing H
a sharp fall in real estate prices
Keywords:  fcl, fault, limiter, current
a Fault Current Limiter (FCL)
a waste treatment unit that takes a constantly varying flow of effluent from a process plant, as well as storm water runoff
Keywords:  coarser, glued, precious, thin, layer
a thin layer of a precious wood, glued on top of a coarser one
a format converter working from file to file
a list of files in a file chooser dialogue
a thermostat that alerts a furnace controller when the temperature decreases more than a threshold amount
a MailSender class sending a message
a monthly report that makes comparisons to the previous month, same month last year and year-to-date
a six-month qualifying period before you can claim for spectacles or contact lenses
Keywords:  'const, return, function, type
a function which return a 'const' type
Keywords:  checkup, regular, screening, test
a regular checkup or a regular screening test
a small amount of nail popping through sheetrock which is caused by normal settlement of the building
an English thesaurus that shall be linked with a dictionary, or a city guide that shall be combined with local travel information
an Ethernet link
a general ledger budgeting application which displays two rows for each GL expense account
a hierarchical row/column structure
Keywords:  roast, grill, oven, ton, left
a roast left too long in the oven or ton the grill for too long
a www-site that is blocked by the firewall, but other examples might be outbound telnet, etc
Keywords:  flu, newly, bird, test, method
a newly developed bird-flu test method
Keywords:  mirage, cool, ship, height, temperature
a mirage of a ship formed over cool water in an area where the temperature increases with height
a case of grease cartridges for chassis lubrication
a form called from the Click event of a CommandButton
Keywords:  cyberlock, start, key, day, authorizers
a user would take their key to one of the many Cyberlock Authorizers when they start the day
Keywords:  shopping, cart, add, multiple, list
a shopping form where you can add multiple items to a cart
a shopping list
a woman unable to get emotionally free from a romantic involvement that has become physically abusive
Keywords:  debugging, leak, visible, turn, memory
a memory leak that becomes visible only when we turn off the debugging
a content management system
a educational website or a more powerful learning management system (LMS)
a pattern recognition system
a fissured porous media with rocks of different types
a cost-benefit analysis, which quantifies the costs and benefits of a policy
a telephone network where consumption benefits increase as more people join the network (positive network externality)
an employee who is the manager of another employee
an intranet with separate site search and search for employees, where both features are placed prominently on the front page because they are both considered important to the intranet
a float regulator
an unsecured pressure regulating station
Keywords:  triangle, empty, good
a good empty triangle
Keywords:  inline, html, along, mail, message
a mail message consisting of an HTML document, along with all the images that appear inline in the document
a reduction in the strength of the bone structure, often as result of mineral loss from the bones, also known as osteoporosis
Keywords:  paned, sun, room
a paned sun room
a formal restaurant which serves alcohol
a big corporate, who needs mountains of printed material-brochures, business cards, annual reports, sales and marketing support material and so forth
Keywords:  bass, drum, clipping, amplifier, enough
a bass or drum with levels high enough to make the amplifier start clipping
a recently introduced high-capacity trunking system that can control a mix of mobile radios, portable sets, and fixed console positions through two computers and a network of radio repeaters
a medical doctor
a physical doctor receiving patients
Keywords:  payout, aces, larger, four
a larger payout for Four Aces
a home that failed to sell at auction in May
an operator that buys and sells accommodation
a Real Estate Agent who acts on behalf of a person selling a property
Keywords:  gun, light
a light gun
a Maintenance Plan that is set up to backup databases and to check integrity
an Urban Network Database at level one and level two
a relational database
a two-color, black-and-white monochrome display
Keywords:  accent, key
an accent key
a vehicle and a motorized society
a vehicle navigation system
a computer that provides other nodes with access to a shared modem
a node with two interfaces, each one on a different technology (e
a right that has a time-constraint associated with it
Keywords:  neck, stretch, prolonged, break, taking
a person who uses a computer for a prolonged time period without taking a break to stretch the neck
Keywords:  voting, fair, secret
a fair (secret) voting
a project where the images are in a different coordinate system than the vector data
Keywords:  label, 'cancel, button, text, fixed
a fixed text label, or a button with written 'Cancel', or a button with an image of fixed size
an easement granted to a utility company
Keywords:  discount, deep, bond
a deep discount bond
a "Temporary failure" message, which is followed by additional temporary failure updates and typically a final permanent failure update
a military setting, where data is classified at a certain level
Keywords:  interprets, program
a program that interprets an
a company that needs to adapt internally to increase quality control throughout the manufacturing and marketing processes
Keywords:  window, case, lights, server, system
an X Window System server
a windowed case with various lights
Keywords:  technical, tool, product, pricing
a pricing tool for a technical product
Keywords:  outstanding, person, mortgage
a person with an outstanding mortgage
a digital controller of an analog process
an object that represents the results of an experiment
Keywords:  statement, bank
a bank statement
An example of the repayments made by a typical customer for every mortgage type that the Bank provides.
a page describing how to install the resource
Keywords:  completed, building
a building that was completed recently
Keywords:  request, policy, change
a request for policy change