Definitions for "HORUS"
Keywords:  falcon, osiris, isis, egyptian, pharaoh
Egyptian god associated with the living pharaoh, often shown with the head of a falcon; son of Osiris and Isis; opponent of the god Seth
deity - Egyptian god, son of Osiris and Isis
God of the sky and protector of the pharaoh who was likened to him, Horus could either be depicted as a falcon-headed man. As the son of Osiris and Isis, he was often represented as infant (Harpocrates) with a finger held to his lips
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HORUS, the Handheld Operating Resource for Unix Systems, aims to create an easy to use interface for handheld computers running the Linux operating system. It is based on Qt Embedded
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Web based tool for staff to view and edit their HR data, such as contact information, leave information, and pay slips.
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He who is above.. .