Definitions for "Delphi"
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The ancient town of Phocis, at the temple of Apollo on Mount Parnassus. It is said to be the "navel of the world".
Greek sanctuary dedicated to the god Apollo
an ancient Greek city on the slopes of Mount Parnassus; site of the Temple of Apollo
A forum host, site of the original Baitshop and the domain of jumped up, treacherous, lying, untrustworthy moral dictators.
Delphi Forums. An Internet service and content provider. It was established in 1983 and was the first national provider to add Internet access in 1992. See Internet History An application development language from Inprise (formerly Borland). A method of forecasting future developments based on repeated surveys of experts with anonymous feedback of results in between rounds of questioning.
Delphi is a programming language and software development environment. It is produced by Borland (known for a time as Inprise). The Delphi language, formerly known as Object Pascal (Pascal with object-oriented extensions) originally targeted only Microsoft Windows, but now builds native applications for Linux and the Microsoft .NET framework as well (see below).
Inhuman killer associated with Walter Starbuck. Delphi has committed a long list of crimes: She is thought to have been involved in the killing and eating of Harlan Bucket. She shot two FBI agents outside the Los Angeles FBI headquarters. She killed five more agents the next day by the Delfin Hotel. She savagely beat two members of the Paisley Team, Shane and Decker, and had begun torturing them before she was forced to leave (although, admittedly, they did try to kill her).
It is my habit to find what seems good source of information, even if I buy little or nothing from them. In the past I would have gotten paper catalog and kept it on the shelf, now I keep links. Delphi Stained Glass - Your source for patterns, supplies and mosaics is a good source of all the choices for doing stained glass - windows, lamps, mosaics - and a modest amount of lampworking stuff. Physically, they are at 3380 East Jolly Rd., Lansing, Michigan 48910, phone: (517) 394-4631, toll-free: (800) 248-2048
Delphi (Pink Sheets: DPHIQ) is an automotive parts company headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA. It was spun-off from General Motors on May 28, 1999.
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democracy , Hera , hoplite , isthmus
Popular RAD tool with full object-oriented capabilities. 15.29
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A prophet, or someone who tells the future.
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An on-line information provider that includes access to lots of Internet services.