Definitions for "Babylon"
A city in northern Sumer which an Amorite dynasty turned into the capital of an empire; the official language spoken was Akkadian
an ancient city and kingdom in Mesopotamia. Bada'a: create by initiating, beginning (ex nihilo).
capitol of Para, sometimes used for the planet
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Babylon is the 2002 debut album by Welsh Ragga-Metal act Skindred. It has since been re-issued several times.
Babylon is the fifth studio album released by the hard rock band Ten.
Babylon is a Long Island Rail Road train station in the village of Babylon, New York at Railroad Avenue west of Deer Park Avenue. It lies along the Montauk Branch, and is the eastern terminus of the Babylon Branch service. To the west is the junction with the Central Branch, which heads northwest to the Main Line at Bethpage.
The world outside of the Gathering. `Mainstream' or `mainline' society; the `straight' world (From the Book of Revelations, via Rastafari).
a parody of a parody and impossible to understand outside the context
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"Babylon" or "The Bonnie Banks o Fordie" is Child ballad 14.
place - The Byzantine settlement and fort in the Cairo area.
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Rome (where persecution was coming from)
the corrupt establishment, the 'system', church and state the police, policeman
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a standout LP any way you look at it
Babylon is a software development tool chain allowing you to visually interact directly with the source tree.
Babylon is a single-click translation utility and also information source tool.