Definitions for "Arsinoe"
Arsinoe (Greek: ) or Arsinoites or Cleopatris or Cleopatra, was an ancient city at the northern extremity of the Heroopolite Gulf (Gulf of Suez), in the Red Sea. It was the capital of the Heroopolite nome, and one of the principal harbors belonging to Egypt. It appears to have been also denominated Cleopatris (Strabo p. 780) and Arsinoites (Plin. v. 9. § 9; Orelli, Inscr. 516).
Arsinoe (Greek: ), sometimes called Arsinoe Epidires, was an ancient city of the Avalitæ, at Dire promontory in Aethiopia, north of Dire Berenices, and near the entrance of the Red Sea (Bab-el-Mandeb). The city was founded by Ptolemy II and named for Arsinoe II of Egypt, his wife and sister. Its location is near the modern-day city of Asseb, in Eritrea.
Arsinoe (Greek: ) was an ancient city of Crete assigned to Lyctus, adjacent to (and some authors say overlaying) the older city of Rhithymna. (Steph. B. s.v.)