Definitions for "Macedonia"
the ancient kingdom of Phillip II and Alexander the Great in the Southeastern Balkans that is now part of Greece, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia.
A republic of the former Yugoslavia.
Roman Province located north-east of the Greek mainland and northwest of Asia Minor.
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a parliamentary democracy with multiethnic party representation and a popularly elected president
The high risk profile of a country's economic and political environment will further worsen further a generally very bad payment record.
The definition of Macedonia is a major source of confusion and debate because of the overlapping use of the term to describe geographical, political and historical areas, languages and peoples. Ethnic groups inhabiting the area use different terminology for the same entity, or the same terminology for different entities, which is often confusing to other inhabitants of the region and foreigners alike.
a beautiful land where nature and humans coexist harmoniously
an unbelievably green and beautiful country
Macedonia or macédoine is a salad composed of small pieces of fruit or of vegetables.
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Government of Macedonia Ministry of Finance