Definitions for "Ephesus"
Home of Diana's temple, one of the wonders of the ancient world
One of the most important ancient sites of Western Asia Minor founded in the Archaic Period but where latest excavations have found Mycenaean pottery, it is located in the borders of the administrative district (borough) of Selçuk. The cities of Lycos in particular were exporting their textile products to the ancient world through the Ephesus harbor.
An ancient city three km from the town of Selcuk south of Izmir. During both the Hellenistic and Roman periods Ephesus was the most important port and cultural centre of the eastern world. The remains of the city are still spellbinding tod ay. The magnificent temples, public buildings, vil- las and streets ot Ephesus have been excavated and restored by the Austrian Archaeological Institute, and it requires little effort to imagine the cily as it was in its heyday.
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