Definitions for "Arcadia"
A mountainous and picturesque district of Greece, in the heart of the Peloponnesus, whose people were distinguished for contentment and rural happiness.
Fig.: Any region or scene of simple pleasure and untroubled quiet.
One of two regions of the Greek mainland where centaur s were said to have lived in the mountainous regions. Associated with simple, pastoral, contented scenes. See also Thessaly.
U. S.-British conference in Washington, December 1941-January 1942.
United States-British conference in Washington, December 1941-January 1942
Code name for the first Anglo-American conference in Washington, December 1941.
an on-line community which supports a variety of mini-games, called toys
In Dungeons & Dragons, the fantasy role-playing game, Arcadia or more fully, the Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia, is a lawful neutral/lawful good-aligned plane of existence. It is one of a number of alignment-based Outer Planes that form part of the standard Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) cosmology, used in the Planescape, Greyhawk and some editions of the Forgotten Realms campaign settings.
Arcadia is one of the twin worlds that the Earth has been Divided into, as featured in the adventure game The Longest Journey and its sequel, Dreamfall. Unlike its cyberpunk counterpart Stark, Arcadia is a fantasy realm, where magic, ancient mysteries and a number of fantasy races and creatures are native. According to the ancient Balance between the two worlds, science and technology are almost impossible to advance in Arcadia, just as magic is impossible in Stark.
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Hayward Merrillan Sheboygan
Arcadia is a 1993 play by Tom Stoppard concerning the relationship between past and present and between order and disorder and the certainty of knowledge.