Definitions for "Washington"
Seattle 981$202$249$21$19$2,748 Spokane 992$190$205$17$17$2,542
Basic in Portland (OR)-Vancouver metropolitan areas. Enhanced in Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma metropolitan areas. Current program: Centralized, contractor-run, test-only, low-enhanced I/M program operating on a biennial basis in the Seattle and Tacoma areas, Spokane and Vancouver. Proposed: No change in the current low-enhanced I/M program in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Proposing to implement ASM 2525 in Spokane and Vancouver, as well as a gas cap pressure test in Vancouver.
Lunar Rover, the vehicle used by astronauts on the moon; Boeing, in Seattle, makes aircraft and spacecraft
Financial information is available from the Secretary of State, Charities Division, Olympia, WA 98504, or call, in state, (800) 332-GIVE.
Professional Education and Certification Old Capital Building PO Box 47200 Olympia, WA 98504-7200 360-753-6738
The Honorable Valoria Loveland Director Washington State Department of Agriculture P.O. Box 42560 Olympia, WA 98504-2560 Phone: 360-902-1887 Fax: 360-902-2092
Larry Wickkiser President Airporter Shuttle/Bellair Charters
the capital of the United States in the District of Columbia and a tourist mecca; George Washington commissioned Charles l'Enfant to lay out the city in 1791
a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
If the contract is cancelled within sixty (60) days (new vehicle plans) or thirty (30) days (pre-owned vehicle plans) from the date shown on the application and registration page, and no claims have been made, you will receive a full refund. If a claim has been made against your contract, of if the contract has been in effect more than sixty (60) days (new vehicle plans) or thirty (30) days (pre-owned vehicle plans), a pro-rata refund will be calculated based on the greater of the time in force or the miles driven compared to the total time or mileage of your contract term, less a $25 cancellation fee. A 10% penalty will be added to any refund that is not paid within 30 days of return of the contract to the provider.
Reasonable handling fee; when not paid within 15 days. a collection cost not to exceed $40 or face amount of check. whichever is less and interest at 12% per year from date of dishonor Wash. Rev. Code f 62A.3-515 (2003).
Students in public schools who wish to recite the Pledge shall do so before all school assemblies and “immediately before interschool events, when feasible.” At the beginning of each school day, and at the beginning of each school assembly, “appropriate flag exercises” shall take place in each classroom. Wash. Rev. Code Ann. § 28A.230.140 (2005).
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Washington Consumer Loan License No. 520-CL-23632.
Consumer Loan License No. 520-CL-23433
Consumer Loan License - No. 520-CL-23415
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Yes 1994 Flexible 360-753-7115$175.00 None
YES, VERY LIMITED. Parole was abolished in 1984. Only those who committed a crime prior to 1984 are still eligible and in 1997 about 700 were still in the system.
Mammuthus columbi Columbian Mammoth; Pleistocene
Pressed glass pattern made by the New England Glass Co., made from the 1860s. The design has chains of life-like elements forming arches over oval panels and upright tiers of three large thumbprints. The term Washington for this pattern may have originated with the maker who named patterns for American cities.
The American Elm U. americana cultivar Washington is a tree of unknown origin. Introduced by the U. S. National Parks Service, it has been described as possibly having triploid chromosome levels (unusually for an American elm), suggesting it may be a hybrid between the tetraploid American Elm and a diploid species.
First case: People v. Young. DNA tests exclude Young, who had been identified by the victim as the rapist. Charges dropped, Snohomish County, 1989. Appellate Decision: State v. Cauthron, 1993. Reversed trial court's admission of DNA match without population statistics and remanded. Data Bank established: 1990 Legislated Admissibility passed: no
Washington is a station on Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Metro Blue Line.
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H.B. 1081 Requires school districts to adopt policies banning the use of tobacco products on public school property.
Bill to introduce ban failed Jan. 2001. New laws proposed for the 1st quarter of 2005.
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Petrified Wood
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Exempt (Exemption No. 510EX145100)
Exempt Taxable Taxable
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Awareness Week Oct 22-28
Developing Birth to 5-year-olds A contract has been awarded to lead the ELGs development process. Early drafts are currently being reviewed by various stakeholders.
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West Virginia
a selection I chose above because WA (western Australia) is not selectable as I talk
Insurance Required: Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Minimum Liability Limits: 25/50/10
The Washington State Health Insurance Pool first became operational in 1988. The pool is financed through premiums and assessments to insurers. The premium cap is 150 percent in general but 125 percent for managed care plans. At the end of 2003, 2,652 persons were enrolled in the program.
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Washington State Bar Association
Washington State University Cooperative Extension: Washington Water
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State of Washington Water Research Center
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Not yet approved to do business in this state
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Deed of Trust
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Washington may refer to a personal name or place name.
wa st s 64.28.010