Definitions for "Alabama"
Birmingham 352$132$135$13$13$2,672 Montgomery 361$143$157$13$13$2,110
a river in Alabama formed by the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers near Montgomery; flows southwestward to become a tributary of the Mobile River
Department of Human Resources Division of Child Support 50 Ripley Street Montgomery, AL 36130-1801 (334) 242-9300 FAX: (334) 242-0606 1-800-284-4347
a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in Alabama; a member of the Creek Confederacy
the Muskhogean language of the Alabama people
Louisiana North Dakota
Florida Louisiana Nebraska Ohio Texas
AL 01 Nebraska NE 31
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30 Ala. Code J 8-8-15 (2002)
Residential Energy Code: Residential Energy Code for Alabama (RECA), a simplified version of 93 MEC; contingent upon local adoption. Commercial Energy Code: No statewide commercial energy code, except for state-owned or funded buildings, which must comply with ASHRAE/IES 90.1. In 1995, with the support of home builders, a Residential Energy Code Board was created. In March 1996, the Board adopted a simplified version of 93 MEC, called the Residential Energy Code for Alabama. The RECA is dependent on local adoption; as of yet, no local governments have adopted it. The state received FY96 DOE State Energy Program (SEP) funding to assist municipalities in adopting the RECA and to introduce a commercial code. Two commercial training workshops have been conducted.
The Department of Environmental Management will hold a public hearing December 6 regarding proposed revisions to the hazardous waste regulations. The proposed revisions would adopt recent federal changes, allow the Department to maintain primacy of the state hazardous waste program, and exclude cathode ray tubes from the definition of solid waste for recycling and reclamation. Written comments are due December 8. Becky Larson at [email protected]
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First Case: People v. Perry, guilty of rape, Scottsboro, 1988 Appellate Decision: Accepted DNA, remanded Perry to trial court on basis of statistics and three-pronged Frye standard, 1991; trial court found general acceptance of statistical analysis, 1992. Data Bank established:1994 Legislated Admissibility passed: 1994
Alabama is a Grammy Award-winning country music band that originated in Fort Payne, Alabama. They were the most commercially successful country act in the 1980s and remain one of the bestselling American musical acts of all time. The band is often credited with bringing country music groups (as opposed to solo vocalists) into the mainstream, paving the way for the success of today's top country groups.
Consumer Credit Act Exemption
The current Alabama statute reads: “The State Board of Education shall afford all students attending public kindergarten, primary and secondary schools the opportunity each school day to voluntarily recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.” Ala. Code § 16-43-5 (2005). An amendment to this statute is pending. The amendment would require the daily recitation of the Pledge in all public schools. Neither students who are foreign citizens nor students who submit written requests for exemption would be required to recite the Pledge.
Basilosaurus cetoides Archaeocete whale; Eocene
Almond, Bass, Burnt Corn, Chestnut, Muscadine, Nectar, Pea Ridge, Pine Apple, Satsuma, Vinegar Bend
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Yes 1993 Flexible 334-242-7200$40.00 None
YES The Board cannot parole on life w/o parole or some other sentences.
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10 Missouri
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If the contract is cancelled within sixty (60) days (new vehicle plans) or thirty (30) days (pre-owned vehicle plans) from the date shown on the application and registration page, and no claims have been made, you will receive a full refund. If a claim has been made against your contract, of if the contract has been in effect more than sixty (60) days (new vehicle plans) or thirty (30) days (pre-owned vehicle plans), a pro-rata refund will be calculated based on the greater of the time in force or the miles driven compared to the total time or mileage of your contract term, less a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will not exceed $25.
7/1/90 Vehicles intended primarily for use and operation on public highways that are self-propelled. Excludes motor homes or vehicles having a GVW of more than 10,000 lbs. 3 repair attempts - 30 calendar days out of service 1 year - 12,000 miles
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Alaska Arizona Arkansas
George Washington Carver, who discovered more than 300 uses for peanuts
Alabama is a computer virus, discovered October 1989 on the campus of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
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Stephen S. Goldsby CEO Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
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Illinois Montana Rhode Island
The Alabama Health Plan became operational in 1998 and as of June 2005, there were just over 3,500 people enrolled. The program is financed by member premiums and assessments to the insurance industry based on premium volume in the state. The program has a premium cap of 200 percent.
Auburn Extension Fisheries and Aquaculture Program
S.B. 17 Requires specified insurers to provide coverage for screening mammography. S.B. 300 Expands restrictions on the distribution of tobacco products, including single cigarettes, and on minors' access to tobacco products imposes vendor licensure requirements imposes penalties.
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a "Caveat Emptor State" meaning buyer beware
a captivating, intoxicating individual
Daphne Real Estate Fine Alabama Real Estate Mobile Real Estate Virginia Historic Homes
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No statutory deadline
an officially chartered chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA)
Alabama State Bar Association
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Star Blue Quartz Hematite Marble
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Winter Weather Awareness Week Dec 4
No License Requirement
Consumer Loan License #M3731
Insurance Required: Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Minimum Liability Limits: 20/40/10
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Contact- County Offices
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(AL)$2,000$25,000 30% 5.00% of the unpaid installment amount$15
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No current entries
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Not yet approved to do business in this state
Water Resources Research Institute
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al st s 41-23-1