Definitions for "Meaning"
That which is signified, whether by act lanquage; signification; sense; import; as, the meaning of a hint.
Sense; power of thinking.
( sense): content of a linguistic unit, defined in terms that are relative to its context and communicational situation.
what an artist expresses in an art work; or what a viewer or listener understands and interprets from an art work
A word so confused that it is best never used at all. More direct expressions can always be found. (Try for example, speaking in terms of "is," or "involves.") The transactional approach does away with that split between disembodied meanings and meaningless bodies for meanings which still enters flagrantly into much discussion.
Good luck coming up with a definition for this one. "Meaning" is a word which demonstrates that we are quite capable of having sensible conversations using fuzzy terminology. Few of us would balk at the question "What do you mean?" (though some sadists use it as a conversation stopper rather than as a clarifier -- try asking such people what do they mean by "meaning" if you're feeling vengeful) and yet, we go on using it knowing we cannot precisely express what meaning is. We do not need to define every term we use. Understanding between individuals can still exist. Nevertheless, in the case of symbols, we are struck with a problem: does the object express the same thing to the viewer as to the creator
That which is meant or intended; intent; purpose; aim; object; as, a mischievous meaning was apparent.
the idea that is intended; "What is the meaning of this proverb?"
Meaning is the first episode of the third season of House and the forty-seventh episode overall.
an averaging--is a middling--is a centering--is a polarizing--is a focalizing--is a zeroing --from whence all emerges and to which all returns
a cognitive representation of a state of affairs in the world
The content of a representation that results from its relations to other representations and the world.
a creative process, a performance in the here and now
something that one wishes to convey, especially by language
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a set of thoughts that people take symbols to have