Definitions for "GRAMMAR"
The science which treats of the principles of language; the study of forms of speech, and their relations to one another; the art concerned with the right use and application of the rules of a language, in speaking or writing.
The art of speaking or writing with correctness or according to established usage; speech considered with regard to the rules of a grammar.
A treatise on the principles of language; a book containing the principles and rules for correctness in speaking or writing.
a set of definitions of names of sets of strings
a set of expressions that define what DTMF tones and spoken input will be recognized by the system
The inputs that a recognizer can match (identify) from a caller.
studies of the formation of basic linguistic units
a precise linguistic description, and clearly the domain of linguists
a perfect pre-clubbing anthem, and the first single "America's Boy" is primed for every fall iTunes playlist
a comprehensive, and practical guide to classical Japanese
an elegant, comprehensive, and practical guide to classical Japanese
A system of pitfalls thoughtfully prepared for the feet for the self-made man, along the path by which he advances to distinction.
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granule cells gray matter gyrus
a system of ranked, violable constraints on output representations
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an implicit group
a form of notation to represent the sequence in which certain objects form larger objects
A system of principles for speaking and writing.
a rather complex mechanism, built out of various elements, which are in turn constructed out of more basic elements, much in the way the entire universe works
The grammar Element
grammar statement is the definition of a command construct that may be used by the player during the game and the function that should be called when the it is used.