Definitions for "Universe"
All created things viewed as constituting one system or whole; the whole body of things, or of phenomena; the to~ pa^n of the Greeks, the mundus of the Latins; the world; creation.
all created things and phenomena viewed as constituting one system or whole.
The huge space which contains all of the matter and energy in existence. VALLEY A piece of low land lying between hills or mountains.
A multiplayer turn based space strategy game similar to Masters of Orion. Written in Java, we are striving for a platform independent game. GPL'd source allows anyone to play for free!
Universe is an Open-Source game which resembles Master Of Orion. It is written in Java. The goal is to have as few arbitrary limits as possible, allowing games as large as you wish. It also supports a concept called "Schemes" which allows programmers to develop distinct rule sets and extensions.
a good source of information on the game
( Stat.). A synonym for population. ( BCFT).
The total population of a particular audience category. BARB universes are based on television homes. For example the Network universe for ABC1 Women is the total number of ABC1 Women living within television households in the UK.
The population chosen for research study. Universe estimates are the estimated number of actual households or people from which the sample will be taken and to which data from the sample will be projected.
A description for the total number of companies in a particular sector, or the number of available stocks from which a portfolio is assembled.
A total or partial representation of the relational database used for a particular application or adapted to a particular group of users.
A term used by fund managers to describe the total number of available stocks from which a portfolio is selected.
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Universe is the first album by the Metal Fusion group Planet X featuring Derek Sherinian on keyboards, Virgil Donati on drums, and Tony Mac Alpine on guitar. It was released in 2000.
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the realm of a fandom. In the S&H universe, two cops named Starsky & Hutch work for the LAPD. Writers can create their own universes within a fandom, with their own givens and past-histories for the characters
Universe is a black-and-white short documentary made in 1960 by the National Film Board of Canada. It dramatizes the nightly work of an astronomer at the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill, Ontario, a facility that is owned and operated by the University of Toronto, Canada.
The manifestation of One Infinity alternately expanding and contracting at infinite speed.
The periodical manifestation of the Substance, or Ocean of Pisces, caused by the germination of the seeds of Karma, or Cause and Effect. In man these seeds are the skandhas, the manifestations are human lives.
The entire group of units which a survey is supposed to cover.
The total audience which the research is designed to survey. For example, a magazine's circulation or a complete industry.
Group of people about which a survey research is trying to generalize when conducting a public opinion poll. See Public Opinion in ThisNation's online textbook.
A universe is the business-intelligent semantic layer that isolates users from the technical issues of using a database. Universes are made up of “classes” and “objects”. “Objects” are elements that map to a set of data from a relational database in terms that pertain to a particular business situation. For example, the objects in a human resources universe might include names, addresses and salaries. There can also be three types of objects present in a universe. “dimension” objects are used for analysis. “Detail” objects provide descriptions and “measure” objects are ones that can be measured. “Classes” are logical groupings of objects. For example, the previously mention human resources objects might belong to a class called Employees. ()
an insulating layer between the users running Business Objects reports and the technical structure of the database
a semantic layer that defines the complexities of relational database technology
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a spatio-temporal-causal system
In some versions of the Unix operating system, the term universe was used to denote some variant of the working environment. During the late 1980s, most commercial Unix variants were derived from either System V or BSD. Most versions provided both BSD and System V universes and allowed the user to switch between them.
the place where we and all the aliens live in different dimensions
an organizational structure that allows you to organize stories and series that exist in a certain alternate reality that is in common between them
a reality/dimension, etc
All members of a group, such as all students who students enrolled in an adult education program who want to pass the GED tests.
All homes in a market, also known as HHs or a demographically defined group such as adults 25-54.
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Universe is the first EP by Canadian artist Sarah Slean.
Worlds with common universe server, citizenship database and universe attributes like starting world and browser version. Can be bought from Activeworlds company
The world around us that, unlike God, can not exist without a creator.
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a trading name of ML Sports Limited, who operates from within the United Kingdom
a trading name of ML Sports LTD
a maximal Ergosystem in the sense that it is not contained in any other Ergosystem as a part
This is the "container" of all entities in a VR. Entities can be temporarily added or removed from consideration by the simulation manager. The sequence of events in the simulation loop can be user-defined.
This net entity that acts as a wildcard.
a self consistent package of rules and mockups
Mean Standard Deviation The annualized standard deviation of quarterly universe means.
Urban Cluster Usual residence elsewhere
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a graph in which states are connected by arcs that
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n.: The problem.