Definitions for "Rules"
The detailed code of parliamentary procedure adopted by each house at the beginning of each session. They prescribe the way in which the legislature does business and provide methods for settling disputes. In addition to the rules of each house, there are also joint rules.
(boating) Governmental regulations for preventing collisions on the water.
A code of procedure adopted by each house of the General Assembly to govern its operations.
a never ending process and your attention to the information provided on this website will ensure that the eligibility of a student-athlete is not jeopardized
a never-ending process that requires diligence on the part of both the Department of Athletics and Tennessee Tech as a whole
a serious breach of the obligations of a university athletics administrator
lines or bars used in the layout of a page to separate text, graphics and photos to aid in the readability of the piece.
Rules, or horizontal rules, are HTML tags enable you to insert horizontal lines as separators or dividers. Web graphic designers will vary the length and color of horizontal rules to add emphasis and flair. The following gray line is a horizontal rule set at a width of 50 percent.
Vertical or horizontal lines on a page; may be done by typesetting, drawn by hand, or scribed on a negative. to top
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Rules is a KMFDM single off of their 1996 album Xtort. Rules includes remixes of three tracks from Xtort; the title track "Rules" as well as "Inane" and "Son of a Gun".
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The requirements (standards) of the Land Use Bylaw that describe such things as height maximums, side yard minimums, etc. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | P-Q | | | | | V-W | X-Y-Z
see Bylaws or Rules.
The rules approved by the members and registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies.
The internal constitution of an organization including a building society. They sey down various conditions such as election of officers etc.
Every competition has rules. Read them carefully and make sure that you meet all the requirements for entry before you enter the competition. They are also sometimes called Terms and Conditions.
The union's Rules govern everything we do. An essential document for all delegates, especially for understanding motions that seek to change the Rules.
are the documents that define the constitution of the charity, establish the purpose of the charity, and govern the way the charity is run.  The rules cover who the organisation is, what it can do, and how it does it.
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a set of defined actions permitted in a certain situation or location
Rules define when and on what machines the outgoing, incoming, and internal use of the streaming and sharing applications should be monitored or blocked. The default rule set monitors all of the applications defined in PacketHound.
Tariff sheets which cover the application of all rates, charges, and services, when such applicability is not set forth in and as a part of the rate schedules.
a captivating, modern day fairytale that will delight readers from beginning to end
Acceptable play agreed on before the game begins. House rules define acceptable play. In the absence of rules, "basic 42" is the norm (subject to interpretation).
Directions for the conduct of a co-op or its members. Once the co-op's members have approved the rules, they have the force of law, except where they conflict with municipal by-laws or provincial or federal laws or codes. See also by-laws.
PowerDesigner has an extensive facility for defining "business rules" and attaching them to almost any modeled object. Rules can be free-form text or tightly coded program code targeted at the client workstation or the server DBMS engine. Business Rules
File selection rules are the criteria that LiveVault Online Backup Service uses to determine which files to back up or restore, as well as files not to back up or restore. A rule consists of a rule type (include or exclude), a Windows file path specification, and a subdirectories flag. See also exclude, include.
Criteria that are used to organize and control incoming messages automatically. When you set up a rule, you designate the criteria that selects a specific class of messages and then you select one or more actions to handle the messages that meet the criteria.
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Same as Requisites.
Rules are the principal mechanism of expression evaluation in Yacas. A rule specifies that a certain symbolic expression is to be replaced by another expression. If no rule that matches a given symbolic expression can be found, the expression is left unevaluated. This is usually the desired behavior for a CAS. For example, a user can type
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The term "Rule'' includes: The Rules of Golf and their interpretations as contained in "Decisions on the Rules of Golf"; Any Conditions of Competition established by the Committee under Rule 33-1 and Appendix I; Any Local Rules established by the Committee under Rule 33-8a and Appendix I; and The specifications on clubs and the ball in Appendices II and III.
A method of personalization that uses rules to identify/present connections that are relevant to the business model. Rules may be based on a user's individual information, socio-demographic data, or data dependent on time or geography.
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We don't need no steeeenkin' rules. (Apart from these.)
Rules drive the policy systems. For example: "if server utilization exceeds X%, send an alert and bring a standby server on-line." An e-Business-oriented rule might be: "if the number of abandoned shopping carts exceeds X% over 10 minutes, send
an important one that doesn't receive the attention it deserves
an important part of our success
Legal or regulatory structures within an organization. Rules are one of the most important ingredients of an enabling environment.
The standards and requirements to which participants who are required to be Members of the National Futures Association must subscribe and conform.
The Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws, rules, interpretations, orders, resolutions and similar directives of the exchange and CME, if applicable. The trading of all futures and options on futures contracts in the market operated by the exchange are subject to the rules. All references in the rules to commodity, contracts, futures, futures contract, futures transaction, futures call, or similar terms include both futures and options, except as otherwise specified or unless the context prohibits.
Certain ways in which things must be accomplished; guideline s within which people and organization s must work. [D02997] PMDT
Logical tests applied to determine whether a condition is met. The robot uses rules in two places: as part of filters for determining types of content to index, and in classification rules to determine what category to assign to a resource.
In firewall terminology, rules are used to determine what traffic is allowed to move from one network endpoint to another.
The Second and Third Schedules of the Unit Titles Act, or amended rules that have been filed with Land Information New Zealand.
Electricity Governance Rules as amended from time to time in accordance with the Electricity Act 1992 (including code of practice and technical code).
a challenge because it involves a lot of studying since it's not second nature to us," Wright said
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Instructions that describe how information should be processed. Many computer programs rely on rules to function. The rules that we refer to most often are the instructions you would use in conjunction with filters in your e-mail management software or CMS to automate e-mail processing. You could, for example, set up rules that tell your e-mail management software to place messages that do not contain a zip code in your state in a different folder from the ones that do.
Pieces of knowledge used by Oracle Expert to analyze collected data for a tuning session. Oracle Expert allows you to view some of its rules, and you can modify the value of any rule you view. Modifying rule values may change the behavior of Oracle Expert during an analysis and also its recommendations. See also advanced rules and default rules.
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they way in, which we play our roles. For example, one rule is that everyone should come to school on time.
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On a table component, "rules" refers to the borders of the table cells inside the table whereas the "frame" refers to the border around the entire table.
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lines used to separate one story from another on a newspaper page
There are three types of rules: Encryption, Pass (in the clear), and Fail. An encryption rule determines how data are secured and always takes precedent over pass or fail rules. Pass rules take precedence over fail rules.
Company's business practices captured in software
The formal document under which the Plan operates. These rules are specific to each plan.