Definitions for "plan "
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The plan is Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP). It is administered by the Michigan Department of Treasury. TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc. (TFI) serves as Program Manager. TFI's affiliate, TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC distributes MESP.
The plan is the Minnesota College Savings Plan. It is administered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, and the money is invested by the State Board of Investment of the State of Minnesota. TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc. (TFI) serves as Program Manager. TFI's affiliate, TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC distributes the Minnesota College Savings Plan.
The plan is Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET). It is administered by the Connecticut State Treasurer. TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc. (TFI) serves as Program Manager. TFI's affiliate, TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC distributes CHET.
A scheme devised; a method of action or procedure expressed or described in language; a project; as, the plan of a constitution; the plan of an expedition.
To scheme; to devise; to contrive; to form in design; as, to plan the conquest of a country.
To devise or project a method or course of action.
A draught or form; properly, a representation drawn on a plane, as a map or a chart; especially, a top view, as of a machine, or the representation or delineation of a horizontal section of anything, as of a building; a graphic representation; a diagram.
To form a delineation of; to draught; to represent, as by a diagram.
A scale drawing showing a piece of scenery, lighting layout etc from above. Lighting plans are usually drawn onto the theatre's groundplan.
Test taken (often in sophomore year of high school) to prepare for the ACT. See ACT and Standardized Admissions Tests.
As a "pre-ACT" test, PLAN is a powerful predictor of success on the ACT Assessment, At the same time, many schools recognize the importance of PLAN testing for all students, as it focuses attention on both career preparation and improving academic achievement. Typically, PLAN is administered in the fall of the sophomore year.
a fast-acting long-lasting decongestant
To bother about the best method of accomplishing an accidental result.
A program or pseudo-code fragment that solves a single, well defined goal. Examples would be a code fragment to sum a series of numbers or code to input words from a file until the end-of-file character is encountered. [ Soloway82] [ Rist86]. A program as a whole is described in terms of global plans (sometimes called gplans). For example, most programs can be described in terms of the following high-level global plan: Input a set of data, process the data, then output the data.
A plan is a systematic description of the method to be adopted for the accomplishment of an objective, not to be confused with policy.
a fiduciary by the very nature of its position
an ERISA fiduciary
a pure treatment function or mixed treatment and eligibility function at least, not a fiduciary function under ERISA, therefore subject to state standards instead of federal standards, and not subject to ERISA preemption
A systematic arrangement of elements or important parts; a configuration or outline A drawing or diagram made to scale showing the structure or arrangement of something
A disciplined, systematic approach, formulated beforehand, that results in detailed strategies, tactics and implementation steps.
an arrangement scheme; "the awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult"; "it was an excellent design for living"; "a plan for seating guests"
This shows the ground plan design, elevation of house, number and size of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry layout and position of the house on the land.
This shows the house design, elevation of the house, number and size of rooms, kitchen, bathroom and laundry layout, position of the house on the land.
Detailed illustration of a house that shows the internal layout and dimensions and the position of the house on the land.
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a good thing and helps you anticipate difficulties before they become disasters
a good thing to have
a great thing
a fantasy baseball strategy whereby the owner spends very little money on pitchers, preferring mostly cheap, crappy pitchers and hope they have good years
A method or line of play designed to improve a position. A chess player should always have a plan. Your plan often lasts only as long as it takes for your opponent to make a move. Category: Glossary 2 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
Amplification of the strategy showing the precise means by which objectives will be reached; the policy instruments to be employed; the financial and human resources required; and the time frame for implementation. See also Rolling plan.
Sponsored by the American College Testing program, the PLAN is a high school tenth grade assessment test. The test uses the same format as the ACT.  However, the score scale range is 1-32. The PLAN results can be used to assess academic progress and occupational interests.  (Not offered at all high schools.)
An area of study within an academic program in the undergraduate and graduate careers (e.g., Magazine major within the Journalism program).
plan program, algorithm
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an entity that can sue or be sued in its own name
a separate entity that can sue or be sued, it must be named as a defendant in a suit for unpaid benefits
Specialisation - major or minor area of study, eg. COMPAS8680 MCompSc COMPES8685 MEngSc COMPFS8508 MInfSc - Information Science COMPGS8508 MinfSc - Database Systems COMPHS8508 MinfSc - Internetworking COMPAS5452 GradDipCS COMPFS5453 GradDipIS - Information Science COMPGS5453 GradDipIS- Database Systems COMPHS5453 GradDipIS- Internetworking
a guide for action and should be flexible and adaptable to market changes
a guide for the teacher as to where to go and how to get there
a rough guide
A program or policy stipulating service or benefit s. In relation to Medicare, "plan" may be used in reference to Medigap, managed care, or prescription drug services. Preferred Drug List - A drug list ( formulary) includes selected brand name drugs that are considered preferred because of their overall ability to meet patient needs at a reasonable cost. If a brand-name drug is necessary, those classified as preferred may result in lower cost-sharing than non-preferred brand-name drugs.
Section in a progress note used to document the treatment the provider will prescribe including medications, recommendations and any testing. Consists of patient education, prescription writer, CPT, HCPCS and E&M coding; and the Plan template in e-MDs Chart.
When used in this section of the website, Plan refers to New Orleans Choice Plan.
(plan view) An orthographic projection onto a horizontal picture plane typically of the site, floor levels, and roofs of buildings. See also "SECTION".
In PeopleSoft Sales Incentive Management, a collection of allocation rules, variables, steps, sections, and incentive rules that instruct the PeopleSoft Enterprise Incentive Management engine in how to process transactions.
Progressive Leaderships Alliance of Nevada
Students will make personal and professional decisions regarding their own participation with non-profit organizations, third sector professions, citizen leadership, voluntary action, philanthropic studies and research, graduate education, volunteering and gifting and other philanthropic activities.
a statement of intent
In Chapter 12 and 13 filings, you must submit to the judge a plan on how you will pay your creditors from your disposable income during the time that the plan is in place, usually from 3 - 5 years. The plan will have in it any concessions you want from the creditors such as lowered interest rates, forms showing disposable income, and the creditors you wish to pay. Your creditors will vote on the plan, probably ask for changes, and state whether they want to be included in the plan. The judge has final say, including how much disposable income you actually have to pay your creditors. The plan may be modified by you before or after confirmation. If the modification is made after the plan has been confirmed, the modification must still meet the approval of the judge and creditors.
A debtor’s detailed report on how he plans to pay the creditors over a period of time.
a dynamic tool, and like everything else of value, it requires time and attention--nurturing
a living project element, understood by the project team and the project stakeholders
an assessment of everything related to project documentation and provides a solid project foundation
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An insurance arrangement described in a group insurance policy or a master agreement under which a group of participants receive a specified type of coverage.
An entity licensed as a health care service plan by the California Commissioner of Corporations pursuant to the Knox-Keene Act, or another third-party payor that has contracted with John Muir Physician Network to arrange for the provision of covered services to its enrollees pursuant to a service agreement.
A plan is a focused area of study within a program, usually requiring a student to complete an approved sequence of 'core' and 'elective' courses. At UNSW, plans are identified by a five digit alphabetical prefix and a five digit numeric suffix eg. SENGA13648 refers to the full-time Software Engineering plan.
an elaborated project, comprising a logical sequence of operations in order to attain a clearly stated objective
a sequence of study within a program focused on a particular study area, usually requiring students to complete an approved sequence of 'core' and 'elective' courses
A program maintained by an employer or employee organization that provides the opportunity for employees to defer income until retirement.
The term PLAN is defined in Rule 100(b) and includes bonus, profit sharing, pension, retirement, savings, STOCK PURCHASE, STOCK OPTION, and dividend reinvestment and similar plans. The term PLAN also includes employee benefit plans as defined in Rule 405 of the 1933 ACT.
an excellent way to supplement your retirement savings
Treatment plan; a written outline of the proposed care for the patient
A document outlining alternatives considered by the Division of Environmental Remediation for the remediation of a hazardous waste site and highlighting the alternative preferred by DEC. The PRAP is based on information developed during the site's Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study. The PRAP is reviewed by the public and other state agencies.
plan is a desktop calendar and day planner. Appointments, notes, todo items, vacations, etc. are displayed in monthly, weekly, daily, or yearly graphical views. Databases can be stored in files or on a network server that coordinates concurrent editing and makes sure everyone is up to date. No root privileges are required for installation.
X Window System based on the Motif widget set. Its main window shows a month (the current one by default); the user can insert appointments at given days and time. An accompanying program pland reminds the user of appointments by showing a warning window or running an arbitrary shell script.
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People's Liberation Army of Namibia. It was the official armed wing of SWAPO.
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See Floorplan.
a popular new option Ppo in healthcare
This is the system selected by you or your employer to provide healthcare coverage.
a good tool for preventing overdevelopment and preserving the environment
an excellent foil for random change
an excellent tool for creating these comparisons
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a bold idea - based on a simple concept
a good idea, but it must be constantly reviewed based on the data you accumulate from selling each game and how the market changes, otherwise it's just some weird snapshot of history
a dream come true for anyone who needs serious bandwidth
a dream with a deadline
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Russian: Marijuana
A set of parametres that determine the account type or, in other words, priveleges and hosting resources/services granted to an account owner. Plans are created and edited with plan wizards.
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an ideological form
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kton—Aquatic organisms that float at the mercy of the currents or have limited swimming abilities.
a statement of a city's self-esteem, which is probably why we don't have one
don't make them. They will only lead to disappointment.
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an XML serialization of a GBean
a community-formulated document which makes recommendations and establishes guidelines for Sunset Park waterfront development
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A collective term referring to an ESS or an ESOP.
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a list of activities, a "to do" list
a list of instructions like "Turn on the camera
an ordered list of tasks that instructs Puffin how to execute the tasks
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a great ad buffer
a great idea, Azmichelle
a great start
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"The Carpentry Workers' Pension Plan of B.C.".
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a new option under the MMA
a stern instrument, working through standards of categories of time and space, opposite to the evolution of complexity to develop superficial relations and prefixed levels of growth
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a mighty source of power
This is equivalent to the student's major. Art Chemistry Psychology Elementary Education etc... A student can be active in more than one plan at a time.
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a good choice, turn to Bank of Ann Arbor
The plan contains all job scheduling activity planned for a period of one day. In Tivoli Workload Scheduler, the plan is created every 24 hours and consists of all the jobs, job streams, and dependency objects that are scheduled to execute for that day. All job streams for which you have created run cycles are automatically scheduled and included in the plan. As the production cycle progresses, the jobs and job streams in the plan are executed according to their time restrictions and other dependencies. Any jobs or job streams that do not execute successfully are rolled over into the next day's plan.
Panhandle Library Access Network.
Details of a building as viewed from the top.
a two dimensional view of a space, such as a room or building
Plan is the footprint or imprint of the building or structure on the land.
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a mixed question of fact and law)
a mixed question of law and fact
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a good way to begin thinking about your diamond purchase
a useful and simple way to represent a building, but it includes just a few clues about the elevation, and even less about the masses and materials involved
a way of getting from the present to the future
See Health Benefits Plan.
the system of health benefits established by the employer with claims and other services administered by the company under the terms of an Administrative Services Agreement.
a benefit based on a careers worth of labor and the cash amount of the benefit is based on how many years you worked, a benefit multiplier, and how much you made (normally indexed to a final period of earnings - i
The agreed service provided to a mobile or landline subscriber. Includes call rates, monthly access fees, included calls and special offers.
an attempt to predetermine the trajectory across the fitness landscape
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a detailed specific road of how you're going to reach the targets you set out and the date that you want to reach them by
a moving target
a way of describing where you are now, where you want to go and how you are going to get there
a set of steps that will be taken as expected conditions unfold
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a map, a disciplined approach to the specifics of executing your mission
a map to show you where your story is going
a rough map, subject to change
a more high-level organisation of a narrative, and is more general in that it will fit a rather wider set of circumstances
a group of account promotions that depicts the aggregate results of account promotions, such as spending and volume
a complex situation, adapting to an emerging solution
a set of data that enables adaptive control to be applied to some or all of the indicators in a particular way
a reflection of its creator
That which is done, let to rest and reflection, and then done again. An expectation of design.
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flat ("planifolia" = "flat-leaved" / "planatus" / "planipes" = "flat + foot, i.e., stalk")
flat planaria, planet, plane
a forecast of a decision
a very important, separate decision
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a bird if you think Indian", one young artist writes
an innovative system of evaluating the drills conducted throughout the year
a spiritual cause, while scratching is a natural effect
An independent Blue Cross or Blue Shield organization that operates in a given area of the country.
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As much of the purpose of God as can be fulfilled in any given cycle.
a four-level approach that monitors and evaluates the quality of physical inspection activity
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budget in words.
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The Plan is Independent 529 Plan.
a basic package covering general administrative requirements over a minimum period of one month
The description of how the solution will be completed.
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an attached graphic or some text that you can add to your account that comes up when fingered
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a bit expensive
Also Known As: Contract; Agreement Definition: A contract for services, the terms which may include minimum term, monthly fees and call charges, etc.
a separate legal entity from the company and must be handled as such
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see finger
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a starting point
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a living document
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a set of specified options
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a regional one
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See current plan.
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a base for changes
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a design for making change
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see Service Plan.