Definitions for "Work Plan"
the road map of a project. This document maps out all the tasks which will be performed, who is responsible for the task and expected completion date.
a necessary tool for planning, executing, implementation and monitoring any project, or any ordered set of activities, a project or a programme
an effective management tool to help your organization stay on track in meeting deadlines and in the long run reaching the desired outputs and outcomes
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a "deliverable at the lowest level of the WBS"
a specific, time-based set of actions that an employee is instructed to perform in order to bring substandard work performance or behavior up to an acceptable level
A document developed by the manager and the staff, covering a specified period of time, which lists all planned activities, the date by which they will be accomplished, the resources that they will require, and the people responsible for carrying them out.
a direction so staff will know what to do at each meeting
a description of the necessary activities set out in stages, with rough indication of the timing
Written directives that specifically describe all work activities that are to take place at a work site.