Definitions for "Rough"
Keywords:  fairway, grass, tee, golf, thicker
Marked by coarseness; shaggy; ragged; disordered; -- said of dress, appearance, or the like; as, a rough coat.
A rude fellow; a coarse bully; a rowdy.
The areas outside of fairways that generally features higher, thicker grass or naturally growing (unkept and unmowed) vegetation..
To cut or make in a hasty, rough manner; -- with out; as, to rough out a carving, a sketch.
This is a quick hand drawn sketch produced by a designer of the layout of an advert.
Rough conceptual drawings composed by an artist or designer that show layout ideas, but are not accurate for specifications.
descibes the astringent tactile sensation in the back of the mouth, not to be confused with bitter.
A salty or sharp flavor, that causes one to be thirsty.
Creates a parched or thirsty feeling on the tongue or throat, occurs often with coffees that are too sharp or salty.
Not polished; uncut; -- said of a gem; as, a rough diamond.
Hence, figuratively, lacking refinement, gentleness, or polish.
Any uncut or unpolished gem material.
Not courteous or kind; harsh; rude; uncivil; as, a rough temper.
Marked by severity or violence; harsh; hard; as, rough measures or actions.
Loud and hoarse; offensive to the ear; harsh; grating; -- said of sound, voice, and the like; as, a rough tone; rough numbers.
Tossed in waves; boisterous; high; -- said of a sea or other piece of water.
Tempestuous; boisterous; stormy; as, rough weather; a rough day.
violently agitated and turbulent; "boisterous winds and waves"; "the fierce thunders roar me their music"- Ezra Pound; "rough weather"; "rough seas"
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A hand of a particular type that will not beat many other hands of that type. Often used in low games to indicate non-nut low hands with a particular high card. A rough 8 in ace to five lowball could be any eight high hand other than 8432A, although 8532A isn't too rough. Rough is the opposite of smooth.
The highest lowball hand of a given rank.
A hand in low-ball Poker that isn't perfect
Keywords:  handmade, heavily, blankets, wet, felt
A heavily textured paper surface produced by placing wet sheets of paper against textured blankets or air drying (or both).
traditional paper finish, formed by the weave of the felts during the wet press.
One of the three traditional surface finishes of handmade paper; a rough surface is properly obtained by loft drying in natural air.
Keywords:  scuffed, bowlers, misery, tasty, spin
The area of a pitch that is scuffed up and loosened by the action of a bowler running through in his follow-through. Usually, this will be situated a foot or so outside leg stump, and consequently it becomes a tasty target for spin bowlers, who can exploit the extra turn to make life a misery for the batsmen
a region of the pitch which has been scuffed and roughened by the action of bowlers' feet as they follow through their runs after bowling the ball, frequently used as a target by spin bowlers as it gives the ball more unpredictable spin and bounce.
A quality of moderate grittiness, often caused by LP mistracking.
A gritty or inconsistent feel to the trigger pull.
Having inequalities, small ridges, or points, on the surface; not smooth or plain; as, a rough board; a rough stone; rough cloth.
An immature wine which is not smooth in taste.
How a magician looks after a performance in front of a bad audience. (This can happen even if the performer is smooth.)
having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "a rough ride"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"; "unsmooth writing"
not carefully or expertly made; "managed to make a crude splint"; "a crude cabin of logs with bark still on them"; "rough carpentry"
Hastily or carelessly done; wanting finish; incomplete; as, a rough estimate; a rough draught.
not quite exact or correct; "the approximate time was 10 o'clock"; "a rough guess"; "a ballpark estimate"
Term used to describe a rock or crystal still in its natural state, before faceting or polishing.
In hardware, metal fastenings on cabinets which are usually concealed, like staples.
A fitting component which is not polished or plated. It will usually house the mechanical device which controls the fittings operation and is concealed within the wall or a surround.
Keywords:  offhand, produced
Produced offhand.
Keywords:  road, hardship, rocky, uneven, broken
Not level; having a broken surface; uneven; -- said of a piece of land, or of a road.
full of hardship or trials; "the rocky road to success"; "they were having a rough time"
Keywords:  badly, cheap, poor
Poor, cheap, badly made
Difficult to define, this one. Yukky is maybe the best scientific term.
Keywords:  understory, dead, forest, fuels, floor
The live understory and dead fuels that build up on the forest floor over time.
Keywords:  unfinished, progress, work
Unfinished work in progress.
Keywords:  scalloped, fringed, margin, leaf, edge
of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
Keywords:  opal, ground, comes, natural
Opal in its natural state; as it comes out of the ground .
Keywords:  plastering, work, performed
In. All work that must be performed before plastering.
Keywords:  insufficient, age
Insufficient age.
Keywords:  render
To render rough; to roughen.
To break in, as a horse, especially for military purposes.
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Usually is short for “rough-handling” meaning a dog that is not handling very well.
Keywords:  ride, motion, surface, over
with rough motion as over a rough surface; "ride rough"