Definitions for "Bunker"
A small sand hole or pit, as on a golf course.
Hence, any rough hazardous ground on the links; also, an artificial hazard with built-up faces.
Holes with sand in the bottom which are placed around the course as obstacles. Usually when your ball goes into a bunker you waste at least one shot hitting it out. They are also called traps.
A large bin or similar receptacle; as, a coal bunker.
A fortified position dug into the ground, especially one which is closed on top and has protective walls and roof, e. g. of reinforced concrete. For defending positions it usually has windows to view the surrounding terrain, but as a safe location for planning operations or storage, a bunker may be completely underground with no direct access to the surface.
Reinforced structure that is partly underground. Alternately, a bin to hold bulk material.
(Sometimes called Bunker Silo) A flat rectangular structure with concrete floors and walls used to ensile and store forages. Bunker Silos
Synonym for silo, but sometimes understood as being a silo without any or only a small vertical part at the top of the hopper.
An object or embankment on the field that a player uses for cover.
In paintball, a bunker is an obstacle on the field of play used to block opposing players' view and field of fire. In woodsball, a bunker may consist of a fallen log, collection of wood debris, barrels, or other material. In most modern speedball tournaments, inflatable vinyl bunkers of varied shapes and sizes are utilized.
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Ghetto slang word for Jews' hiding places within the ghettos.
a place for soldiers to hide from enemy attack (e
Things that you hide behind. To bunker someone is to come around, over or under the bunker they are hiding behind and eliminating them from close range. Fun.
a defensive warfare fortification to protect personnel or equipment
a great defensive structures
A fortified structure, but primarily a buried or semi-buried structure, offering a high degree of protection to personnel, defended gun positions, or a defensive position, from enemy attack.
Less sophisticated observation area than a blockhouse. Generally has overhead protection to qualify as a bunker.
A refrigerated, open display case used to merchandise products, primarily in frozen food and dairy departments.
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a kind of house very secure from where you can safetly kill anyone you see on your view
a person who serves the department in a volunteer capacity as a "live-in" firefighter and emergency medical responder who not only provides emergency services, but also fulfills duty assignments at the station
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Someone who sells fake drugs, rips people off.
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A sort of chest or box, as in a window, the lid of which serves for a seat.
Space where ice or cooling element is placed in commercial installations.
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To drive (the ball) into a bunker.
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a great way to secure your investments for the future