Definitions for "Rake"
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The amount of money taken out of every pot by the dealer - this is the house's income.
The percentage of the pot taken by the house.
The amount of money that the house charges players to run the game.
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A fissure or mineral vein traversing the strata vertically, or nearly so; -- called also rake-vein.
To enfilade; to fire in a direction with the length of; in naval engagements, to cannonade, as a ship, on the stern or head so that the balls range the whole length of the deck.
The inclination of anything from a perpendicular direction; as, the rake of a roof, a staircase, etc.
Keywords:  scrape, hay, raca, rechen, rabble
An implement consisting of a headpiece having teeth, and a long handle at right angles to it, -- used for collecting hay, or other light things which are spread over a large surface, or for breaking and smoothing the earth.
A toothed machine drawn by a horse, -- used for collecting hay or grain; a horserake.
To collect with a rake; as, to rake hay; -- often with up; as, he raked up the fallen leaves.
Keywords:  bunker, gad, ramble, trap, sand
To walk about; to gad or ramble idly.
A high-lofted iron club that is no longer in use. It was used for playing from sand and out of water.
Used to rake bunkers after playing out of.
To act the rake; to lead a dissolute, debauched life.
Rake [from "rakehell"] is a 17th-century slang word for "dissolute person." See: DISSOLUTE.
a dissolute man in fashionable society
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Rake was an art rock/noise rock/free jazz musical ensemble that came to being in Northern Virginia in 1990 in the shadow of the Nation’s Capitol. Not to be confused with the post-punk and art damage bands associated with the Washington, DC underground music scene, Rake straddled the line dividing high art from low art and marched to their own beat along with fellow musical explorers Pelt and Wingtip Sloat throughout the 1990s. Band members Vinnie Van Go-Gogh (OASTEM!
A loose, disorderly, vicious man; a person addicted to lewdness and other scandalous vices; a debauchee; a roué.
A plastering tool with tines (teeth) that is used to roughen or scarify basecoat plaster application prior to set. Promotes mechanical bond with the finish-coat plaster layer.
a long-handled tool with a row of teeth at its head; used to move leaves or loosen soil
a tool used by the blacksmith, or quite likely the apprentice, to move lumps of coal, or other objects around in the forge
gather with a rake; "rake leaves"
a garden tool that helps gather grass and leaves
a stock character, a man who seduces a young woman and impregnates her before leaving, often to her social or financial ruin
Keywords:  percussive, guitar, heard, spice, note
a guitar technique that can be use to add a little percussive spice to notes
a lot of times heard as one sound, as one note with a more percussive feel
Keywords:  sweep, gunfire, coast, maneuver, length
sweep the length of; "The gunfire raked the coast"
A face-off maneuver in which a player sweeps the ball to the side.
examine hastily; "She scanned the newspaper headlines while waiting for the taxi"
Keywords:  ransack, scour, search
To search through; to scour; to ransack.
Keywords:  trend, orebody, vein, strike, along
The trend of an orebody along the direction of its strike.
The trend of the ore body within the vein.
Wagons/carriages semi-permanently joined in an articulation rather than via a coupler.
This is a technique used in digital signal processing where the radio receiver is given uses several base-band correlators. The technique uses the fact that a signal will propagate via several paths to a receiver. The signals arriving via different paths will reach the receiver at different times because of the different path lengths. Using the Rake process all the components can be individually processed and then combined to provide improved performance.
The distance between the back edge of the fin base and the tip of the fin, measured lengthwise down the surfboard.
Expressions RCC Abbreviations
Keywords:  fella, trouble, you're, lot, young
a lot, a load, as in "You're a rake of trouble, young fella."
Multiple tap multipath equalisation for CDMA
Keywords:  tarp, idea, well, good
a good idea as well as a tarp
a thickener has a large powerful rake at its base to move the settled solids to the discharge point and out in the underflow.
n. a picking technique that attempts to use quick withdrawal of the pick to set the tumblers
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See Mechanical Bridge.
slang for mechanical bridge.
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Radio activated key entry (generally, keyfobs for vehicles).
A rake suggests that you should pay more attention to minor details so as not to overlook potential problems or miss opportunities.
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You are a hard worker if the rake was made of metal. You are about to receive a surprise if you dream of stepping on one.
Keywords:  pitch, stairs, another, term, see
Another term for the pitch of the stairs.
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The trimming of a first compound application used to seal glass, so as to facilitate the addition of a second sealant.
a stock character, a man who wastes his (usually inherited) fortune on "wine, women, and song,"
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Most race cars are slightly lower at the front than at the rear. This provides for a natural "ground effects" tunnel under the car, and can also be adjusted to change the weight distribution between the front and rear wings.
Keywords:  gravel, smooth, level
level or smooth with a rake; "rake gravel"
Keywords:  bead, feathered, hook, handle, metal
See Feathered bead. A pointed metal hook with a handle.
Keywords:  angular, stone, cut, face
an angular cut on the face of stone.
Keywords:  bounce, another, term
another term for bounce.
Keywords:  jack, seven, suit, numerical, opposed
The numerical value of a card (as opposed to its suit). Example: "jack," "seven."
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move through with or as if with a rake; "She raked her fingers through her hair"