Definitions for "payoff"
profit or gain from an action; -- used broadly; as, lots of effort with little payoff.
retribution, payback.
The profit on a punters' bet
The climax or final result of an event or endeavor; the denoument of a narrative.
is usually the CLIMAX of a situation. Sometimes it can be a cue for applause, but more often the TAG LINE is used to cue the audience to applaud.
the result of certain actions or information that were set up early in the film via planting which then take place or culminate in a way the reader or audience would find most believable or be prepared for.
The act of giving or receiving money or other valuable consideration as a bribe.
The money or item given as a bribe.
The complete repayment of loan principal, interest and any other sums due; payoffs occur either over the full term of the loan through monthly amortization or through prepayments.
The payment in full of an existing loan, typically at the time of refinancing or upon the sale or transfer of a secured property.
The total amount of money needed to pay off a loan; includes all principal, interest and fees associated with a loan contract.
The process of feeding a cable or wire from a bobbin, reel or other packages. Also a device used for paying out wire or cable into a piece of equipment or machinery.
The results of an advertising campaign. Motto Advertising guarantees that its clients will enjoy a strong payoff, or the agency will pay for the ads.
The amount that the machine pays off for a particular hand. On a Jacks or Better game, the payoff for a pair of jacks or better is 1 for 1, which is basically a push.
An event in which the lessee purchases the leased asset from the lessor prior to the end of the lease term.
Occurs when the lessee purchases the leased asset from the lessor prior to the end of the lease term.
The amount which will retire a debt or other obligation at any given point in time. The term has commonly been used in reference to both loans and non-cancelable leases.
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the net benefit (B-C) to a focal animal due to a single type of contest or interaction. In the honest vs. dishonest communication, the payoffs to the receiver were either B or C, while in the Hawk vs. Dove each strategy (Dove or Hawk) had two possible payoffs (one when playing against the same strategy, e.g. D vs. D, and the other against the opposite strategy, e.g. D vs. H. Multi-strategy games have even more payoffs, their number depending on the number of strategies being played.
The net P&L from an options spread.
usually refers to a negative "reward" for maintaining some sort of drama or triangulation. The payoff keeps us anchored in the negative pattern because it feeds the ego's need to judge, criticize, control, manipulate, protect, or defend. The payoff is something that is greater than your desire to Change. It is more powerful than the love you have for yourself at this moment. (see Change, Drama, Triangulation)
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payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment
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performance realized by the holder of an option at the end of its lifetime.
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same as compensation 2.
The time when a well's production begins to bring in revenues.
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See Early termination payoff.
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Payoff Statement
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the final payment of a debt