Definitions for "wins"
See Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS).
Windows Internet Name Server, a network service for Microsoft networks that provides Windows computers with Internet numbers for specified NetBIOS names, facilitating browsing and intercommunication over TCP/IP networks.
A WINS is Microsoft's version of the NetBIOS Name Service standard. Typically, a Windows NT 3.5 server is a WINS for a local network.
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A set of EDI standards for warehousing and distribution, maintained under the auspices of the Uniform Code Council (UCC). WINS is a subset of the ANSI X12 national standard.
Weather Information Network System.
Warehouse Industry National Standards Guidelines
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Number of games that resulted in a win for a pitcher or a team.
Credited to pitchers on wining teams. WP
WINS (AM), known on-air as "Ten-Ten WINS", is an all-news radio station in New York City at 1010 k Hz, owned by CBS Radio (formerly Infinity Broadcasting). Its transmitters are located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.
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WinS is not another MatLab. Now it can only find prime numbers, in an interval, beep when it find twin primes, print the maximum distance found between two consecutive prime numbers.
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a windowing system for the GBA, allowing developers to build their GUIs relying on an expandable library of graphic controls