Definitions for "UCS"
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University Computing Services, the large bureaucracy responsible for IU's computer clusters and computer services. UCS maintained a dozen and a half clusters of computers usable by any student, as well as the central computers such as a cluster of VAX machines and several running unix. They also provided consultants in the labs, ran the networks that kept them together, and did some other related things, like teach people how to run WordPerfect. Aside from UCS, other organizations ran computers in offices and some classrooms, as well as some libraries and dorms. Other campuses, like IUSB, had their own support mechanisms. UCS was previously called BACS and later changed its name to UITS in a largely useless game of musical chairs.
Unicode Conversion Support Universal Character Set
Universal Configuration System is a DOS executable program used to configure and operate various IOC/RTU units provided by the Company. End-users use this software to configure and calibrate station-level units for proper operation with an overall control system.
Uniform Communications Standard for the grocery industry.
Urban Community School
An electronic data interchange standard used by the grocery industry and the other retail-oriented industry sectors.
Unidad de Coordinació n y Supervisió n
The unconditional stimulus. Unconditional means not learned.
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Upper Class Suite [Submitted by pixuk
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Union of Concerned Scientists
Software used to support the secure delivery of digitally compressed services.
Unified call services.
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User Coordinate System.