Definitions for "ANSI ASC X12"
The Accredited Standards Committee X12 comprises government and industry members from North America who create EDI draft standards for submission to ANSI. ANSI ASC X12 will merge with EDIFACT beginning in 1997. Also known as ANSI X12 or ASC X12. ANX Automotive Network Exchange
In 1979, ANSI chartered the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 to develop uniform standards for interindustry electronic interchange of business transactions — electronic data interchange (EDI). The ASC X12 body comes together three times each year to develop and maintain EDI standards. Its main objective is to develop standards to facilitate electronic interchange relating to such business transactions as order placement and processing, shipping and receiving information, invoicing, and payment and cash application data. In ASC X12, various subcommittees develop new standards that become recommendations to the full ASC X12 membership. Proposed standards must be approved through the consensus process before a standard (or any change to a standard) is approved and registered with ANSI. Technical work is performed by the subcommittees, whose work products are advisory to ASC X12 as a whole. Proposals for new standards or modifications to existing standards must be approved by ASC X12, and passed by the Procedures Review Board at the ASC X12 trimester meetings. DISA publishes the PRB minutes after each meeting.
ANSI Accredited Standards Committee X12. The committee was chartered by ANSI in 1979 to develop uniform standards for the electronic interchange of business documents
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