Definitions for "Standards"
Standards” cover many aspects of interchange for model railroading. The DCC “Standards” are only a small part of the NMRA's “Standards Program”.  The DCC standards are a small part of the industry norms and practices that make up what we know as DCC.
These involve comparison with accepted norms, such as are set by regulatory bodies.
A norm or criterion that is stated in order to clearly specify what is acceptable and what is unacceptable practice. Conformity with standards is usually a condition of licensure, accreditation or membership.
A rule or measure by which a finished product will be measured. A rule established to create a yardstick for measuring or guiding quantity, quality, value, etc. A vehicle for communication.
Agreed descriptions of the desired resources or performance to be achieved.
Standards are documented agreements containing technical specifications or other precise criteria to be used consistently as rules, guidelines, or definitions of characteristics, to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.
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a part of the inner whorl of the perianth, usually upright
the three upper petals of the iris bloom - they stand erect
You will often hear people referring to “standards” when talking about videoconferencing. Standards are simply the technical specifications that underlies videoconferencing. H.320 is the name of the standard that applies to videoconferencing over ISDN. H.323 refers to videoconferencing over computer networks including LANs and the Internet.
Efforts to create wide use of specific protocols so software from different vendors can interoperate more easily, particularly within a vertical industry. Standards bodies or efforts often work more slowly than entrepreneurial companies in setting up interoperable terms of trade. Many e-commerce standards today are based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language), which provides a flexible way to describe product specifications or business terms. Relevant b2b e-commerce standards efforts include BizTalk, promoted by Microsoft so different industries can communicate online with each other; Open Buying on the Internet (OBI), overseen by trade group CommerceNet; and RosettaNet, an effort within the computer manufacturing industry.
specifications for tree installation, maintenance and/or pruning.
an important part of training for electrical apprentices
A written agreement containing specific provisions for operation and administration of the apprenticeship program and all terms and conditions for the qualifications, recruitment, selection, employment, and training of apprentices, as further defined in WAC 296-05-316.
The document that is developed for operating an apprenticeship program and that is registered with the appropriate registration agency, which is BAT in the state of Utah.
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Resources that create guidance for levels of provision archives services may seek to achieve
Standards are publicly agreed ways of doing something so that things will work together. Many of them are statutory (electricity supply) or so common we don't think about them - three pin plugs in the UK and 240v 50Hz electric currents. Others describe procedures such as ISO 9001 for quality control. International standards are agreed by the International Organisation for Standards (ISO), which was set up by international treaty in 1947. Besides standards there are also specifications. Some of these will go on to become standards. Examples would include HTML 4.01 (the standard is still at HTML 1.0) and IMS.
Here when we refer to standards, we refer to the standards for skills. In the UK, these are called National Occupational Standards (See NOSs). Many people also refer to standards as the standards to define various managment systems, eg. ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management systems.
Guidelines, either formal or informal, which indicate the types of technology available for purchase that will be supported by the county.
Guidelines and regulations for the manufacturing of electrical equipment.
A standard is "Thou shall" while a guideline is a recommendation, more like "You should if your situation warrants." Data warehouse standards examples include: meta data, terminology, data stewardship, and privacy.
Trees that are allowed to grow up to full size before being harvested. In the medieval period a wood would consist of a mixture of coppice and standards. Viewed from above, about 70% of the land surface would be coppice, and about 30% standards. (Beresford, Maurice and Hurst, John. Wharram Percy: Deserted Medieval Village, 138) Related terms: Coppice
Standards are materials containing a known concentration of an analyte. They provide a reference to determine unknown concentrations or to calibrate analytical instruments. The accuracy of an analytical measurement is how close a result comes to the true value. Determining the accuracy of a measurement usually requires calibration of the analytical method with a known standard. This is often done with standards of several concentrations to make a calibration or working curve. A primary standard is a reagent that is extremely pure, stable, has no waters of hydration, and has a high molecular weight. A secondary standard is a standard that is prepared in the laboratory for a specific analysis. It is usually standardized against a primary standard.
OmbudsNetwork standards for dealing with financial consumer concerns and complaints, that reflect a commitment to accessibility, timeliness, courtesy, clarity, accuracy and consistency; and OmbudService standards which address knowledge, fairness and impartiality, confidentiality, objectivity and independence.
means “Code standards” (in the preface of this document) and “structure standards” (elsewhere throughout this document). “Code standards” are standards that may be established by the chief forester under Section 8 of the Act. “Structure standards” are the engineering drawings set out in the ministry's Recreation Manual and elsewhere as the recommended design and construction specifications for recreation structures.
n. a set of specifications relating to materials, finishes, construction, resistance, or strength that typically establish a minimum acceptable value
The rules which must be followed in order to accomplish a specific activity or task. Standards are established to ensure that all work is performed in a uniform manner.
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A common set of rules.
a set of rules. The rules on this website have been set by the government to make sure that you are properly looked after while you are living at school
An entity established for use as a rule or basis of comparison. In the context of EDI, this refers to the system of message standards that are in use between trading partners.
A set of principles against which a programme of work should be delivered.
Typically used in reference to maximum allowable emission limits or cutpoints. Federal emission standards for new vehicles are set by Environment Canada. Provincial standards for in-use vehicles are set by AirCare.
A set of knowledge and abilities on which an individual or group of individuals can be measured; a mechanism to compare educational results.
Minimum levels of supports and services to be provided to children and families across the Province.
Minimum requirements, to which compliance is voluntary, for the components, materials and performance of windows.
According to the Institute of Medicine, Standards are authoritative statements of: (1) minimum levels of acceptable performance or results, (2) excellent levels of performance or results, or (3) the range of acceptable performance or results.
signs carried by the Roman legions and their divisions to identify them and serve as rallying points in battle.
(92) - indicates a formal standard of practice or position paper issued by a professional organization. For materials discussing practice standards, see CINAHL subheading "/standards" with appropriate subject heading(s).
the legally adopted policies and practices directing the design and construction of a road.
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a slippery one indeed
Standards means the actions, efforts, or measures which owners of suburban and urban lands shall take on their property, prior to a wildfire occurrence which originates on the property.
There is a suite of standards for records that are submitted to Central. These standards are often followed also in local catalogs. See: Cataloging & Acquisitions Standards Cataloging Electronic Resources OhioLINK policy handbook
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The book value of the inventory elements (based either on the purchase price of parts and components or an average of the various prices paid for the items) used as the basis for valuing COGS and inventory.
that which you claim to be raising while simultaneously eroding and destroying all records of it. See Avoid Documentation.
Products or technologies which have become so pervasive that all or nearly all market participants use them. Ownership of such products and technologies provides a very powerful advantage.
Standards for exchange of biomedical information. · 33 terms
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The various types of supports which hold up the rails and or planks of each jump.
The standards of perfection that outline the ideal conformation for each breed.
an advisory document only and lacks the force of law
For the purpose of this document, standards are those requirements pertaining to The Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program Policy Directive D-01-05 and the supporting documents.
limits placed on contaminant levels in drinking water to protect consumers and in treated wastewater to protect the public health and environment.
Structured interview Systems Implementation
A New Zealand, Australia/New Zealand Standard or other international standard published by a standards organisation such as Standards New Zealand or Standards Australia.
Clearly defined and agreed upon conventions for the operation and behavior of specific computing functions, formats and processes. Open standards are those that are developed through a process in which all interested parties can participate.
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a Graduate School requirement
the prescribed concentrations or values listed in Schedule 2, Tables A to E and regulation 3 of the Regulations.
A universal format that allows video systems of differing manufacturers to communicate with each other. All video systems on a conference running standards must be able to support standards. Also referred to as H.320, H.261 and Link 64E (commonly referred to as the px64 standard).
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A guide for doing an activity well and in a safe way.
a requirement, not a recommendation
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a very important part of surveying
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an open question
The items that are automatically built into the vehicle which are included in the base vehicle price.
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See page 8.
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( see Web Standards)
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See data standardization.