Definitions for "Slippery"
Unstable; changeable; mutable; uncertain; inconstant; fickle.
Uncertain in effect.
not to be trusted; "how extraordinarily slippery a liar the camera is"- James Agee; "they called Reagan the teflon president because mud never stuck to him"
Keywords:  slippy, glib, sidewalks, smoothly, oily
Having the quality opposite to adhesiveness; allowing or causing anything to slip or move smoothly, rapidly, and easily upon the surface; smooth; glib; as, oily substances render things slippery.
being such as to cause things to slip or slide; "slippery sidewalks"; "a slippery bar of soap"; "the streets are still slippy from the rain"
Keywords:  unchaste, wanton, morals, loose
Wanton; unchaste; loose in morals.
Not affording firm ground for confidence; as, a slippery promise.
Not easily held; liable or apt to slip away.
Liable to slip; not standing firm.
Keywords:  adjective, general
adjective चिप्लो general
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A slippery thread is a thread that is not sticky. That is, it may move around (most likely down) in the list of threads as more threads are posted.