Definitions for "firm"
Flood Insurance Rate Map. An official map of a community, prepared by FEMA, which has delineated both the special hazard areas and the actuarial (rate premium) insurance zones applicable to the community.
Flood Insurance Rate Map. It identifies base flood elevations, insurance risk zones, and floodplain boundaries. For participating communities, the NFIP program makes a FIRM to help determine flood insurance costs in the various zones. A pre-FIRM building existed before the community began participating in NFIP while a post-FIRM building was constructed after flood zones and flood regulations were established. Pre-Firm buildings were not built to flood control specifications and are therefore more vulnerable to flood damage.
Flood Insurance Rate Map. Provided by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), this map delineates base flood elevations and flood risk zones, and is used for rating purposes for flood insurance.
Fixed; hence, closely compressed; compact; substantial; hard; solid; -- applied to the matter of bodies; as, firm flesh; firm muscles, firm wood.
Solid; -- opposed to fluid; as, firm land.
Describes tightly-structured wine, which usually has fairly high acidity or astringency.
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become taut or tauter; "Yur muscles will firm when you exercise regularly"; "the rope tautened"
make taut or tauter; "tauten a rope"
Taut balance of elements; tightly knit structure; also distinct flavour.
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marked by the tone and resiliency of healthy tissue; "firm muscles"
A condition of a turf course corresponding to fast on a dirt track. A firm, resilient surface.
the condition of a turf track when it is dry and relatively hard
Any business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.
The name, title, or style, under which a company transacts business; a partnership of two or more persons; a commercial house; as, the firm of Hope & Co.
Generally used in the context of referring to a business or partnership; not a limited company. Also used in the sense of steady, finalised e.g. firm offer.
Not easily excited or disturbed; unchanging in purpose; fixed; steady; constant; stable; unshaken; not easily changed in feelings or will; strong; as, a firm believer; a firm friend; a firm adherent.
marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable; "firm convictions"; "a firm mouth"; "steadfast resolve"; "a man of unbendable perseverence"; "unwavering loyalty"
unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause; "a firm ally"; "loyal supporters"; "the true-hearted soldier...of Tippecanoe"- Campaign song for William Henry Harrison; "fast friends"
a monopoly if it is the only supplier of a homogenous product for which there is no substitute
a Monopoly if it is the sole seller of its product and if its product does not have close substitutes
a monopoly if it is the sole seller of its product and if its product has no close substitutes
a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of plastic cosmetic packages such as bottles, jars, caps, sprayers, and pumps
a full-service provider of innovative solutions to the cosmetic packaging industry
a technological innovator and leader
an organisation
an organization that takes things or services as input and combines or transforms them to build new things or services
a rabid group of football fans, usually organized by team
pleasingly firm and fresh and making a crunching noise when chewed; "crisp carrot and celery sticks"; "a firm apple"; "crunchy lettuce"
Irrevocable and unconditional.
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strong and sure; "a firm grasp"; "gave a strong pull on the rope"
Although they don‰t say it the fact that they are attaching a measurement to this firm area means that they think it represents the tumor. They may or may not be right, so they only say something like "the tumor measures 1 x 2 " if they are sure that it is a cancer because of a previous biopsy or a frozen section. back to pathology report
A term describing the consistency of a moist soil that offers distinctly noticeable resistance to crushing but can be crushed with moderate pressure between the thumb and forefinger.
To fix; to settle; to confirm; to establish.
A business entity, either corporate or otherwise. May consist of one or several establishments.
members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments; "he worked for a brokerage house"
Indicating firmness; as, a firm tread; a firm countenance.
At CME, it is called a clearing member firm. A company that has membership privileges and clearing status with Chicago Mercantile Exchange. See clearing member.
a commercial company or other organizational entity that receives a minimum number of letter size mail per day
a constantly unfolding organic configuration of ba, and the relationships with other entities such as suppliers and alliance partners can also be understood in this perspective
The basic entity that produces things. A firm could be an individual, or a large corporation.
Refers to the resistance of an adhesive to flow.
nbspRefers to the resistance of an adhesive to flow.
a A form of organization permitted by New York law or regulation that is engaged in the practice of public accounting, including the individual owners thereof
a privately owned (non-governmental) operation engaged in buying resources from households, and then combining these resources to produce goods or services for purchase or use by external parties
a technical unit engaged in the production of one or a group of related commodities
not subject to revision or change; "a firm contract"; "a firm offer"
a shorthand way of characterizing a particular type of contract distinct from market exchanges
a system of long-term contracts that emerge when short-term contracts are unsatisfactory
(of especially a person's physical features) not shaking or trembling; "his voice was firm and confident"; "a firm step"
a service organization, marketing is a key operational variable, directly linked to success
a tale of unexpected success
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Young with a decisive style
As applied to a proposed terminology for knowings and knowns this word indicates the need of accuracy of specification, never that of exactness of symbolization. For the most firm, one is to take that which is least vague, and which at the same time is most free from assumed finality - where professed finality itself, perhaps, is the last word in vagueness.
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an island of statism, a command economy, in the market sea
a passive learner when its supply and investment decisions do not affect the information it receives, otherwise it is an active learner
a very personal decision, like choosing a doctor or dentist
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Refers to mouthfeel. Contrast with "soft".
an economic institution that transforms factors of production into consumer goods
an institution that hires factors of production and organises them to produce goods and services
an organization of persons under unified management trying to maximize profit by producing goods to meet perceived demand
Refers to an order to buy or sell a security that can be executed without confirmation for a stated period of time.
Refers to an order to buy or sell that can be executed without confirmation for some fixed period. Also, a synonym for company.
Private law practice with several lawyers
a group of lawyers who work together
a collection of professionals who might employ trainees and therefore the right connections might help getting employment
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a convenient target
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a multi-faceted process, here are four key ideas that are especially relevant in today's environment
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not liable to fluctuate or especially to fall; "stocks are still firm"
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a considerable advantage
natural gas for which the full price has been paid on the understanding it will be delivered continually through the contract period. see also interruptible service
implies a sound constitution and balance, positive in the mouth.
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To fix or direct with firmness.
securely fixed in place; "the post was still firm after being hit by the car"
a cluster and if all its employees are examined, this will be a one-stage cluster design, but if only some of the employees are selected, the design will be a two-stage cluster sampling
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a click away
a collection of resources
see ‘Financial Resources Management Division’.
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a unit that we will not touch
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an essential financial partner
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a social unit
COMMITMENT lender' agreement to provide loan to specific borrower on specific property.
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a group of people working together
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