Definitions for "Toasty"
Keywords:  barrel, oak, toffee, charred, sparkling
An offshoot of oak ageing. Oak casks are usually charred inside, and this may present itself in the wine as the flavour of warm toast or on the nose as just overdone white toast.
A flavor imparted by the oak of barrels and the "toast" level of the barrels (barrels are put over a fire to give the inside a light, medium or heavy toast).
Describes a flavour derived from oak. Also a character that develops in some sparkling wines.
A term sometimes used to describe the Aroma of fine Kerman, ` occasional Darjeeling's, and sometimes other highly fired teas.
A desirable characteristic fine Keemuns and other highly fired teas.
A tea which has been slightly overfired during processing. It may be a desirable characteristic in some Darjeeling teas.
Keywords:  roasted, baked, bread, aroma, coffees
A warm, baked bread, slightly roasted quality.
Possessing an attractive flavor and aroma similar to toast, found in well-roasted coffees.