Definitions for "Variety"
An individual, or group of individuals, of a species differing from the rest in some one or more of the characteristics typical of the species, and capable either of perpetuating itself for a period, or of being perpetuated by artificial means; hence, a subdivision, or peculiar form, of a species.
In inorganic nature, one of those forms in which a species may occur, which differ in minor characteristics of structure, color, purity of composition, etc.
A subdivision of a species that groups plants with a distinct form that is passed along to the progeny.
A particular type of grape, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.
Variety refers to the grape itself and varietal refers to the wine.
A specific type of grape. Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Blanc, for example, are grape varieties. The wines made from these grapes are called VARIETAL wines.
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(The counterweight of harmony in a work of art ) - The use of opposing, contrasting, changing, elaborating, or diversifying elements in a composition. Different forms and types.
stamp or other philatelic items that differs in some way from the norm. Example: the second type of the 1970 Christmas stamp ( Scott 1414).
A coin with a slight variation from the normal design attributed to a particular issue.
The quality or state of being various; intermixture or succession of different things; diversity; multifariousness.
A number or collection of different things; a varied assortment; as, a variety of cottons and silks.
Something varying or differing from others of the same general kind; one of a number of things that are akin; a sort; as, varieties of wood, land, rocks, etc.
a class of structures of the same signature that is defined by a set of identities, i
an algebraic set, and an algebraic set is a region r in c n , such that a set of functions vanishes on r
an equationally defined class of algebras
Such entertainment as in given in variety shows; the production of, or performance in, variety shows.
a respected, oft-quoted show-biz periodical or trade paper (or one of the trades) that reports and provides coverage on the entertainment industry (including the film industry), and best known for its goofy, shorthand 'Varietyese' headlines, using made-up words, e.g. 'dee jay' (disc jockey), or 'B.O.' (box office or boffo) Examples: Two infamous, jargon-filled Variety headlines: (1) "Wall Street Lays an Egg", referring to the Stock Market crash, and (2) "Hix Nix Stix Pix" - referring to inhabitants of the Heartland criticizing films depicting rural American life and rural themes
Variety is a weekly magazine for the entertainment industry. It has been published since 1905, starting by covering vaudeville with offices in New York, then opening a Los Angeles bureau in the 1930s by Sime Silverman.
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A qualitative description of the gases and vapors present in the fragrance, aroma, nose and aftertaste of coffee's bouquet, which create a complex pattern of sensations of the olfactory membranes.
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in Hollands, the color and the pattern of the fur. For example, solid tort or broken sable point. If no pattern is mentioned, then solid is assumed.
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Warm-season turfgrass
noticeable heterogeneity; "a diversity of possibilities"; "the range and variety of his work is amazing"
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a closed irreducible set
the state or quality of being varied and having the absence of monotony or sameness.
Mixing up the form, texture and color combinations in a landscape to create extra interest without sacrificing the simplicity of the design.
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Other edible parts of lamb, including liver, kidney, heart, brains and tongue.
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Vascular Vein
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a zero-set of some multi-variable polynomial
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Vegetative Buds
a prominent national trade publication which emphasizes films and television productions
Any system of linguistic expression governed by variables such as region, occupation or social class.
Titled variable of a mineral, characterized by a special property not present in other members of that same mineral such as color, location, chemical additive, crystal or aggregate, etc.
a show consisting of a series of short unrelated performances
Refers to the multiplicity of differentiated products that are available in some industries, a multiplicity that tends to become larger with trade.
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(See Aspect)
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Eating a wide selection of foods within and among the major food groups.
The range of product and service choices offered to customers.
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A specific color and coat
Combining one or more elements of art to create interest
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one of two or more items of nearly identical design
That which is various.