Definitions for "Morph"
A sequence of phonemes, often a word fragment, which constitutes the minimum unit of meaning or syntax within a given word. A morph may be one of several variants of a morpheme, depending for its individal form on the context in which it occurs. Thus the morphs -s and -es are variants of the morpheme by which the plural form of an English noun is expressed.
A feature, such as color, beak length, or body size, that is shared by some members of a species and is different from other members of the same species. The feature is inherited. The color morphs of pigeons are an example.
Differing in form, often used to describe different colorations.
Morph is a Java framework that eases the internal interoperability of an application. As information flows through an application, it undergoes multiple transformations. Morph provides a standard way to implement these transformations.
To transform smoothly in imperceptible steps from one image to another, on a computer screen.
to transform a shape image or object smoothly from an initial state to a different final state; also called "tweening" (from the presence of “in-between” states)
in general just means "form". So, a creature's morphology is its body shape. And, looking at a fossil gives you morphological evidence, as opposed to evidence about genetics, or about behavior.
cause to change shape in a computer animation; "The computer programmer morphed the image"
change shape as via computer animation; "In the video, Michael Jackson morphed into a panther"
To modify headers to avoid detection by automated software. Often the most common form of Morphing is to modify the "From:" line in an email.
Changing an email's header to avoid detection by spam filters.
A method that a spammer uses to avoid detection by anti-spam software which involves modifying an email header.
Morph (Kevin Sydney) is a fictional comic book superhero of the Marvel Comics universe. Similar to the supervillain Mystique, he is a mutant with the ability to shapeshift. "Morph" is the name given to him in several alternate continuities, typically based off the original character Changeling.
To use figures/elements created for one DBA army list to supplement or represent another army list. For example, if you had a Late Roman-West (#77b) and an Early Gothic (#70) army, you could easily combine elements from each to create (i.e. morph) a Patrician Roman (#81) army. Similarly an Early Saxon (#75a) army can easily morph into a Middle Anglo-Saxon (#75b) army without changing any elements. Most players are reluctant to "morph" armies using figures that are historically inappropriate (e.g. you wouldn't use Roman legionaries to represent Anglo-Norman Blades).
referring to form ("polymorpha" = "many forms" / "callimorphum = "beautifully-formed")
1. (n.) A certain form or state of being, esp in a physiological sense. 2. (v.) The action of changing one's physical form or appearance.
visible form and structure of an organism.
the small group of phonemes (or possible phonological features) that has a function. Meaning is assumed under function here: child, -s, un-.
a variation of motion, where one object gradually turns into another one, such as purse that becomes a shoe
A visual change in which an expression is replaced with a different expression. Both expressions must be mathematically equal to each other. Normally replacing the expression moves the equation closer to the solution.
an entity tied to an identifier that can have any of several types (and values) depending on the context
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a very special, original gift
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a graphic object that contains graphical assets, properties, methods and events