Definitions for "Trope"
The use of a word or expression in a different sense from that which properly belongs to it; the use of a word or expression as changed from the original signification to another, for the sake of giving life or emphasis to an idea; a figure of speech.
The word or expression so used.
A non-literal use of words to convey meaning such as metaphor or metonymy (eg. 'crown' meaning 'king'). Linguistics
a particular instance of a property, like the specific greenness of a shirt
a particular instanceof a property, like the specific greenness of this here shirt, or the singular coyness of Gwyneth's smile
Keywords:  meme, stormy, horror, permeates, mad
In literature, a trope is a familiar and repeated symbol, meme, theme, motif, style, character or thing that permeates a particular type of literature. They are usually tied heavily to genre. For example, tropes in horror literature and film include the mad scientist or a dark and stormy night.
An addition to the plainchant, usually in the form of new text set to either existing or new music.
The quality of giving anything a new turn, a new side, a change or new existence or meaning.
In music, a trope is one of three things.