Definitions for "Homonym"
A word having the same sound as another, but differing from it in meaning; as the noun bear and the verb bear.
A word that is pronounced the same as another word, but that has a different meaning. The two words may be spelled differently. Hare and hair are examples of homonyms, as are bear and bare, and mat and matte. See also ANTONYM SYNONYM
A name that is spelled identically to another name that refers to a different taxon. See Art. 13.1.
Keywords:  homonomy, icbn, epithet, junior, genus
A name that already exists for another plant. The rules set by the ICBN state that the new name must be changed.
The same scientific name for more than one organism within a kingdom. A primary homonym is one by original combination. A case of secondary homonomy results when two species, each with the same specific epithet are placed within the same genus. In either case, the junior of the two names must be changed.