Definitions for "Collocation"
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An integrated health care approach in which both physical and mental health providers are located in the same building or on the same premises to increase access to those services and to reduce the stigma of seeking mental health treatment
The ability of a CAP to connect its network to the LEC's central offices.
The placement of in-service customer telecommunications equipment at a carrier's central office, point of presence or other network location.
a combination of related words within a sentence that occurs more frequently than would be predicted in a random arrangement of words; a combination of words that occurs with sufficient frequency to be recongizable as a common combination, especially a pair of words that occur adjacent to each other. Also called stable collocation. Combinations of words having intervening words between them, such as verb and object pairs, may also be collocations.
In EJB collocation means that the enterprise bean is deployed on the same node as its client. In other words they are located in the same JVM.
The environment that words are commonly found in. The tightest sort of collocation is an idiom, a set expression; you can't alter the expression "You must be joking!" (? "You must be walking!") - it's fixed. But, taking the example of the word "drive" : although it is often found with "car", it's also found with "sheep" ,"cows" and "bargains" (but the bargains have to be "hard").
Ability of multiple satellites to share the same approximate geostation orbital assignment.
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a group of glyphs that combine to form a higher-order unit, as with the signs for day and month names, units of time, temporal indicators, etc
The process of keeping all data belonging to a single client node or a single client file space on a minimal number of sequential-access volumes within a storage pool. Collocation can reduce the number of volumes that must be accessed when a large amount of data must be restored.
The act of placing; the state of being placed with something else; disposition in place; arrangement.
Collocation is when an individual or business installs a server that they own at an ISP or hosting facility. Collocation is often a low cost alternative to running high speed lines to your facility.