Definitions for "Local number portability"
Edit / LNP - allows subscribers to keep their existing phone number when changing service providers, geographic locations, or service plans. It is often a mandated part of competitive deregulation. LNP is among the largest and most complex projects ever undertaken in the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Local number portability was introduced to Local exchange carriers (LECS) in North America with the U.S. 1996 Telecommunications Act, which mandated compliance with Federal Communications Commision (FCC) recommendations governing the porting of subscriber numbers. In Europe, LNP has been driven by "directives" laid out by the Commission of the European Union. See Also: PSTN LEC NANP
The process by which an end user can retain the same telephone number regardless of which local service provider he/she chooses. The ability for phone numbers to be moved between local service providers is accomplished by shared access to a numbering database. Also known as Location Portability.
The ability to change phone companies without having to change phone numbers.
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