Definitions for "Deadline"
The editor of a newspaper, magazine, or other media outlet sets a deadline. This is the time when they expect an article to be submitted.
The minute at which the edition of the newspaper must go to press.
the time limit for preparing material for a certain edition
A date or time before which something must be done.
Final date for the submission of assignment or other required work.
Also called a due date, it's the final day or hour a project must be completed.
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The latest time a news story can be turned in by a reporter.
The time by which reporters must complete their stories to get them into the planned issue or broadcast.
A time given to a reporter by which he/she must turn in a story.
a great inspiration, as Charles Dickens proved
a negative inspiration
An item that exists to be renegotiated and revised. In his famous paradox, the Greek philosopher Zeno proved that deadlines can never be met.
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Deadline were a 4 piece Rock band from Yorkshire, England formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2005 by change of name to Crimes of Passion. Members were Kris Hudson-Lee (Bass Guitar), Andy Lindsay (Guitar), Dale Radcliffe (Vocals 2005) and Kev Tonge (Drums 2002-2005).
Deadline is a London-based street punk band. The band was formed in 2001.
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Deadline was a high-tech villain who fought Starman and Aquaman on several occasions. He first appeared in Starman (1st series) #15: "Deadline Doom" (October 1989). His equipment included a golden battle armor, plasma gun, flying discs and a dispersal device allowing the wearer to pass through walls.
The stated number of days that a chain letter allows a recipient to complete distribution of copies; or, ambiguously, to pass on the received copy. If a deadline is not explicitly stated, the number of days after which bad luck allegedly befalls those who have not circulated the letter. Deadlines are often expressed in hours. Example: Do not keep this letter, it must leave your hands within 96 hours. CLEVO
Also known as monthly issuance deadline. The last opportunity to update the ongoing benefit month in ACES before benefits are issued or actions are taken in the monthly processing. Deadline is the last Saturday of the month in which there are at least three working days after it. See: Benefit Issuances; Eligibility Reviews & Recertifications.
The last possible day you can apply to a school.
Every paper has dozens in a day for the hundreds of parts that go into it. You might ask what the deadline is for the piece you're working on, the deadline for the last type to be set or the time when the presses should start.
When an assignment must be turned in.
When your assignment is due. Ignore them and they'll stop being a problem—because you won't get any more work.
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n: the drilling line from the crown block sheave to the anchor, so called because it does not move. Compare fast line.
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a powerful tactic, but one that can work for or against you
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an income waiting to be materialized
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retail price