Definitions for "Asylum"
A sanctuary or place of refuge and protection, where criminals and debtors found shelter, and from which they could not be forcibly taken without sacrilege.
Any place of retreat and security.
The status sought by a person in the United States with a well-founded fear of persecution on the basis of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion, if made to return to the country of nationality or last place of residence. Asylees differ from refugees in that the asylee has already entered the country when they are trying to obtain status. For more information, see the Asylum page. hange of Status The application for a change from any nonimmigrant visa classification to another nonimmigrant visa classification.
Asylum is a 2005 drama film directed by David Mackenzie and made by Mace Neufeld Productions, Samson Films, Seven Arts Productions, Zephyr Films Ltd and released by Paramount Classics. It is based on the novel Asylum by Patrick Mc Grath and was adapted for the screen by Patrick Marber and Chrysanthy Balis.
Asylum is a BBC Books original novel written by Peter Darvill-Evans and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Fourth Doctor and Nyssa.
Asylum was a British comedy series shown on Paramount Comedy Channel in 1996. Set in a mental asylum, it lasted for only one series of six episodes. Unlike traditional sitcoms or comedy television shows, it was to some extent an opportunity for stand-up routines by various comedians, mixed with an overall story involving much black humour.
An institution for the protection or relief of some class of destitute, unfortunate, or afflicted persons; as, an asylum for the aged, for the blind, or for the insane; a lunatic asylum; an orphan asylum.
A place of safety in which people who might be at risk of harm can live in peace. Though over 3000 years old, the term acquired associations with residential care through the County Asylums Act 1808 which permitted state residential care for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities who might be at risk.
a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
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Asylum is an album by the American hard rock band Kiss. It features the debut of lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, who played with the band on their Animalize tour and officially replaced Mark St. John in September 1984.
Asylum is a 1985 album by The Legendary Pink Dots.
Asylum is an adventure game created by William F. Denman Jr. and released by Screenplay for the Commodore 64 computer in 1986. There was also an edition for the Atari 8-bit family of home computers.
Asylum will build and run all the commands needed to build songbird. With little user input needed. This tool will be for both beginners and advanced users. This will do those cumbersome commands for you! All you have to know to use this is just English!
Humanitarian permission to remain in the US
Asylum is the name of two characters in the Marvel Comics Universe.
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a Vulnerability School
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a place to hide