Definitions for "INS"
A self-contained navigation system. It consists of gyroscopes and accelerometers to provide attitude, heading, position, attitude, body/inertial velocity, and acceleration information. A primary navigation data source. INS loses accuracy with time due to drift of gyroscopes. INS-DNS is moderately accurate over land, not good over water.
Inertial Navigational System.
Inertial Navigation System - a navigation system that guides an aircraft based upon its position relative to a pre-determined point, usually its home base. The INS is aligned just before launch at a point on the taxiway (called the 'hammerhead') of which the coordinates are known.
Immigrant and Naturalization Service
Immigration and Naturalization Services
Internet Network Services
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mmigration and aturalization ervice
Internet Communication Setting or WordPerfect File Ensoniq EPS Family Instrument or Sample Cell / II Instrument InstallShield Script or X-Internet Sign-up File
Invertebrate Neurosciences Initiative
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Man, mankind, human race, earthly spirits.
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Index Definition: Inserted Text Description: Can be used to denote where text has been added to the INS document in relation/INS to a previous document.
Yes IE4+ inserted text
Defines inserted text 6.2 4.0 STF
ion neutralizing spectroscopy
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Marks chalked on the floor showing where drapes are to be hung.
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Inches (on F2309)
Inches (= 2.54 cm)
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the common term for the number of ccs of food, medication and IV fluids taken in during a given time.
insufficient data to calculate statistic
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Injection safety
Integrated Network Solutions
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Private Insurance Accepted